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Quotable ‘Arrow’: The best Felicity Smoak-isms

‘Anyone with boobs can get a frat boy to do anything.’

Source: Tumblr

Felicity isn’t shy about teasing Oliver, which keeps the prone-to-brooding vigilante grounded. It would be easy for Oliver to get lost in the grittiness of his nighttime activities, so it’s a good thing Felicity doesn’t let him get stuck with her affectionate quips.

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‘Bitch with wi-fi.’

Source: Tumblr

Felicity Smoak, hacker and interrogator extraordinaire. Her skills are many.

‘But I do know two things: You are not alone. And I believe in you.’

Source: Tumblr

Felicity believes in Oliver, even when no one else — even Oliver himself — does. Felicity urges Oliver to keep fighting even when things seem hopeless, and it was her encouragement that set Oliver’s plan in motion that eventually defeated Slade. Without Felicity, Oliver would have given up on himself and his quest to become a hero long ago.

‘Felicity Smoak. M.I.T. Class of ’09.’

Source: Tumblr

Where others might be terrified of Nyssa al Ghul, heir to the demon, Felicity isn’t speechless; rather, she responds to Nyssa’s introduction the only possible way.

‘When you told me you loved me, you had me fooled. For a second, I thought that maybe you might have meant it, what you said.’

Source: Tumblr

After Oliver confessed his love for Felicity as part of a plan to take down Slade in the season 2 finale, Felicity and Oliver were quick to assure each other that nothing had changed between them. But the expressions on their faces say something different, so we expect to see a shift in their dynamic in season 3. How will that affect Team Arrow?

What are your favorite Felicity Smoak-isms?

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