7:16 am EST, May 18, 2015

Things we wish were real: Anna Kendrick is the new ‘Indiana Jones’

Anna Kendrick continues to be an awesome human being: for Red Nose Day, she made a spectacular (and very convincing) pitch to be the new Indiana Jones.

The annual Red Nose Day charity fundraiser airs May 21 on NBC.

To celebrate the occasion, Anna Kendrick staged her own Indiana Jones reboot, starring herself — and it’s the best thing we’ve ever seen:

“Hollywood is now remaking hundreds of classic films with female leads,” the video claims. Already here, we’re reminded that this is all a fantasy. Sigh.

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In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Anna Kendrick acts out the classic Indy scene, solving the mythic poison riddle (see also: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) and advancing to the next room.

When the knight tries to call her pretty, Kendrick gets out her whip and sets him straight: “Man, I’m a respected professor of Archaeology. Times have changed!”

She drinks to victory, and they bond over interior decorating.

With the Indiana Jones reboot definitely happening, it’s only a matter of time before Lucasfilm starts looking for their new Indy.

Chris Pratt has been a longtime fan favorite, but considering his many other commitments, he is unlikely to take on this role.

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Starting the series over with a female Indy might not be a bad move for Lucasfilm; Hollywood isn’t exactly drowning in female-led action movies, and since they’ll be replacing Harrison Ford anyway, it would be interesting if the studio went in a completely different direction.

After all, people are people: if you are re-casting actors, they’re already going to look and act different. May as well change the gender if you’re changing everything else, too.

Anna Kendrick currently stars in ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ in theaters now!

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