Is Chris Pratt really the new Indiana Jones? While there’s no concrete evidence yet to back it up, the actor continues to give curiously vague responses when asked about the iconic role.

It seems like the ultimate wet dream for nerds of all ages: Chris Pratt, our favorite bumbling action hero ever since we saw him in Guardians of the Galaxy, might swap zapper gun for whip and cowboy hat, as the star of Disney’s Indiana Jones reboot.

The rumors have been floating around for years, but only really began to pick up steam when Disney announced plans to reboot the franchise, and purportedly began working to get Pratt on board as the new Indy.

After Star Wars, the Indiana Jones money-making machine seemed the logical step, but fans were understandably cautious about the prospect of living in a world where Harrison Ford had been swapped out for a younger model.

The universally likeable Pratt, however, would be a very wise choice: he’d probably be able to win over most of the skeptics.

But speaking to MTV at the 2015 Oscars, Pratt cautions us not to get our hopes up. “It’s all nothing until it’s something,” he says. “And so far? It’s not something.”

The reality of the industry, of course, is that between future Guardians films, Jurassic World sequels, Marvel crossovers and various other exciting projects, it might not even be possible for him to say yes if and when he’s offered the part.

But Pratt does leave us with a cautiously optimistic, “we’ll see.”

His tone indicates (Indycates? No? That joke would have slayed on a podcast) that he’s not ready to drop everything in order to become the next Indiana Jones. But we hope Disney does everything possible to get Pratt on board – this is a near perfect bit of fantasy casting!

Do you think Chris Pratt will end up playing Indiana Jones in the reboot movie?

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