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8 ‘Shannara Chronicles’ season 3 moments we need if it gets renewed

The Shannara Chronicles may be canceled on Spike, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get picked up elsewhere. Here are eight moments we want to see in The Shannara Chronicles season 3.

On January 17, news spread that Shannara had been canceled followed by a season 2 ratings slump. The fact that it was placed on a channel ill-suited for its genre and at a poor time had a heavy hand in it slowly fading away into the distance.

But we still have hope that The Shannara Chronicles season 3 could happen. If Freeform, Netflix, or even Hulu decide to pick up the series, which formerly called MTV its home, there’s a chance it could make a comeback.

And if The Shannara Chronicles season 3 does happen, what do we want to see? (Note: Spoilers ahead for season 2.)

Justice for Ander

King Ander is quite an important character in the Shannara books written by Terry Brooks — as are his children — so it came as an absolute shock when they killed him off the show. It was a solid twist for both book and non-book fans alike, but it didn’t quite sit well with everyone who had fallen in love with the source material.

I’m sure there’s a loophole somewhere that says Ander can return if you have all the right ingredients and speak all the right words. They could even turn that into a major plot point for season 3 — something about having to bring him back to life to fulfill his destiny. And imagine what an interesting (albeit depressing) arc that would provide for the character.

Love for Lyria

I’m heartbroken for nearly everyone on this show because they all just want to love each other. Amberle, Eretria, and Wil could’ve had a beautiful polyamorous relationship if Amberle hadn’t died. Both Mareth and Eretria have fallen in love with Wil, who cares about each of them deeply, though he’s currently God-knows-where. And Lyria and Eretria are in love, though the latter decided to leave to work on not being evil so she doesn’t hurt any more of her friends (smart).

Wil and Eretria are probably hashtag endgame, though I’m certainly enjoying seeing other characters win their hearts. It feels like a love triangle without the angst of pitting people against each other, and I can definitely get behind that. That said, I’ve quickly fallen in love with Lyria, and out of everyone, I would greatly enjoy seeing her find someone else, especially if it’s another woman (hooray, diversity!).

The return of Wil Ohmsford

It was doubtful Wil was really dead like we were led to believe in the Shannara Chronicles season 2 finale, but after Amberle’s passing in season 1, I wouldn’t have blamed anyone for having doubts. Luckily, Wil is very much alive, although he’s also stuck in what looks frighteningly similar to a hell dimension.

I don’t know how Wil is going to get back to his friends, but I’m sure magic and a lot of determination will have something to do with it. Mareth has the elfstones, so here’s to hoping they’ll help the group find a way back to their savior. Wil probably has a tough road ahead of him, but if anyone can hold onto hope that they’ll return home, it’s him.

Eretria’s battle against darkness

One of the most interesting parts about Shannara Chronicles season 2 was seeing one of our favorite characters, Eretria, battle the darkness inside her. Eretria is used to working in gray areas, having been a Rover her whole life, but this was something completely different. She literally had a wraith inside of her, and that darkness is not easily expunged, even if the creature is.

Eretria’s journey to understanding and controlling the darkness inside her would be fascinating to watch. It’s clear she’s already pushing people away, like Lyria, in order to protect them, but what happens when she has no choice but to return to Leah? The Dark Lord may be defeated, but there is always evil afoot, and Eretria will have to learn to control what’s burning inside her.

Mareth’s training

Mareth was a fun new addition to The Shannara Chronicles season 2, not only because she provided an extra oomph of power, but because she was a mysterious new character that we knew nothing about. It turned out that not only was she Allanon’s daughter, but she is expected to continue the Druid line now that he’s gone.

This young woman has a lot of self-doubt to work through before she begins to believe she’s capable of being the last line of defense against the forces of evil, but Mareth has already proven she’s a strong and resourceful woman who is willing to face her fears despite the odds stacked against her. I’d love to watch her become more and more powerful, see how that power could possibly corrupt her, and then witness as she truly comes into her own.

Redemption for Jax

In my eyes, Jax has already redeemed himself, but he might think differently. After losing his men and turning his back on morality, Jax became a bounty hunter and began caring more about money and a good fight than doing the right thing. Throughout the course of season 2, he’s proven that he still has a heart, and by the end of it, he’s fighting right alongside his friends despite the odds.

In season 3, I’d love to see the newly minted General Garet Jax struggle through his doubts and previous traumas and become the leader I know he can be. Jax adds a lot of humor and action-packed scenes to the series, so I hope he continues to be in the spotlight, especially since he’s bound to be Lyria’s right-hand man. Their friendship, while I hope it remains platonic, has a lot of room to grow.

Cogline’s continued mentorship

I wasn’t sure about Cogline for a while there, but in the end he’s proven to be a wise and brave addition to the show. He’s that guy who knows everyone, which will certainly come in handy, but beyond that, he’s also a skilled scientist and, shocker, Druid.

Cogline is one of the only adults on the show now that so many of them have died, and his knowledge of the past will be vital to his charges. He’s offered to help train Mareth to become a Druid and Eretria to fight against her darkness, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of wisdom he’ll bestow on our main characters. Here’s to hoping he’ll survive a season 3 if we do get one.

Cameos by Allanon and Amberle

One of the most delightful parts of Shannara Chronicles season 2 was Amberle’s return, despite how short-lived it was. We saw her popping up here and there in visions to both Wil and Eretria, and it culminated in Wil’s trip into the Ellcrys, where he got to speak with her for one last time. Though there’s still a huge Amberle-shaped hole in our hearts, it helped to ease the pain.

Allanon has been a complex character from the start, and a little difficult to love, but he’s always had his heart in the right place. He’s always tried to do the right thing. Now that he’s gone, there will be a void where his knowledge and power once was. I don’t expect he’ll be resurrected, but I do hope we’ll get a chance to see him again in the future. At least until Mareth can truly fill his shoes.

What do you hope to see in a ‘Shannara Chronicles’ season 3 renewal?

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