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2020 BTS Festa guide: All the details, photos, videos, and more

The 2020 BTS Festa is here! To help everyone celebrate Bangtan’s 7th birthday here’s a guide with all the details, photos, videos, and more released!

Most recent update: Added Closing Ceremony on June 13, 2020.

If this is your first time, BTS Festa is where the group celebrates their debut by sharing new content with ARMYs. It kicks off early in June and runs for about two weeks.

BTS and Big Hit will release things like new pictures, songs, videos, written profiles, and other special content to celebrate the big occasion!

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2020 BTS Festa Timeline:

6/1 Opening Ceremony
6/2 BTS 7th Anniversary Family Portrait (Photo)
6/3 Choreography Video 1
6/4 BTS Photo Collection 19/20
6/5 Still With You
6/7 2020 BTS Profile 1 (Image)
6/8 Choreography Video 2
6/9 Answer: BTS 3 UNITS (Photo & Video)
6/10 2020 BTS Profile 2 (Image)
6/11 Map of the Song 7 (Video)
6/12 We Are Buttletproof: The Eternal
6/13 BTS Birthday Party (Video)
6/14 Closing Ceremony

2020 BTS Festa Opening Ceremony

2020 BTS Festa kicked off with the Opening Ceremony which featured “Airplane pt.2” (Summer ver.)! This chaotic video of Bangtan dancing to “Airplane pt.2” was filmed at the same time they were shooting the 2018 Summer Package in Saipan.

BTS 7th Anniversary Family Portrait:

Choreography Video 1

The first choreography video released for 2020 BTS Festa is the rehearsal stage cam for “Dionysus” at Speak Yourself in Seoul. The video shows the members dressed casually as they practice their performance of the opening song for the concert in the massive stadium.

2020 BTS FESTA Photo Collection

‘Still With You’ by Jungkook

2020 BTS Festa Profile 1

Choreography Video 2

The second choregraphy video released for 2020 BTS Festa was “Fake Love” 2018 MAMA Performance Practice (Formation Check version!

Answer: BTS 3 UNITS

As part of 2020 BTS Festa they released contents of the three units from Map of the Soul: 7. The “Jamais Vu” unit featuring Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook, the “Friends” unit featuring Jimin and V, and the “Respect” unit featuring Suga and RM.

2020 BTS Festa Profile 2

Map of the Song: 7

The Map of the Song: 7 video features bangtan performing karaoke of their own songs! They split into units to take on the songs: Jimin, V, and Jungkook versus Jin and RM versus Suga and J-Hope.

‘We Are Buttletproof: The Eternal’ music video:

As part of 2020 BTS Festa they released “We Are Buttletproof: The Eternal” music video, featuring an animated Bangtan!

BTS Birthday Party

For the last day of 2020 BTS Festa, the members came together for their birthday party!

Closing Ceremony/h2>

For the closing ceremony, BTS released Rolling Paper images with details about them from their members!

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