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2019 BTS Festa guide: All the details, photos, songs, and more

The 2019 BTS Festa is here! To help everyone celebrate here’s a handy guide with all the details, photos, songs, and more that Bangtan will gift ARMYs with!

Latest update: We added BTS Festa Family Portrait Special! This concludes the 2019 BTS Festa!

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If you’re new to the fandom, BTS Festa is the time of the year where BTS celebrates their debut by sharing new content with ARMYs. It kicks off early in June and runs for about two weeks.

In which BTS and Big Hit will release things like new pictures, songs, videos, written profiles, and other great content!

This year ARMYs have a lot to look forward to as it looks like we’ll be getting our first original song by Jin, as well as a new version of “Euphoria.”

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2019 BTS Festa table of contents:

πŸ’œ2019 BTS Festa Trailer
πŸ’œ2019 BTS Festa Timeline
πŸ’œ2019 BTS Festa Family Portrait #1
πŸ’œBTS Photo Collection 18/19
πŸ’œ“ANPANMAN” Self Cam by BTS
πŸ’œ “이 λ°€” (Tonight) by Jin
πŸ’œBTS “MIC Drop” Choreography Video
πŸ’œBangtan News
πŸ’œ BTS “Spring Day” Choreography Video
πŸ’œ2019 BTS Festa Family Portrait #2
πŸ’œEuphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix)
πŸ’œBTS Profiles
πŸ’œBangtan Attic
πŸ’œBTS Festa Family Portrait Special

Check out all the 2019 BTS Festa content below:

2019 BTS Festa Trailer:

The 2019 BTS Festa trailer is a callback to their debut trailer which was released on the same day (May 26) six years prior!

2019 BTS Festa Timeline:

All the times below are expected to be released at 12 a.m. KST (Midnight)!

June 3: Family Portrait #1
June 4: BTS Photo Collection 18/19 & “ANPANMAN” by BTS
June 5: By Jin
June 7: BTS Choreography Video #1
June 8: Bangtan News
June 9: BTS Choreography Video #2
June 10: Family Portrait #2
June 11: “Euphoria” (piano ver.)
June 12: BTS Profile
June 13: Bangtan Attic & Family Portrait Special (note: the special portraits were released as a surprise)

2019 BTS Festa Family Portrait #1:

BTS released a ton of photos to kick off Festa this year! They’re all themed with the members solo songs which gives them a unique vibe, and interestingly shows the members scenes coming together!

Here’s a look at some of the images:

To check out all 49 Photos head over to the link in the tweet below:

BTS Photo Collection 18/19:

BTS released a slew of images that gives a behind the scenes look at their times on music video sets, photo shoots, award ceremonies, and more!

You can check out all 30 of the photos with the link in the tweet below:

‘ANPANMAN’ Self Cam by BTS:

For the first surprise video, BTS released the stage self cam from their “ANPANMAN” performance at Metlife Staduim on May 18, 2019!

‘이 λ°€’ (Tonight) by Jin:

“이 λ°€” (Tonight) by Jin is the first song the vocalists has written himself. Jin posted to let fans know that he wrote the song about his pets, which had passed away. Which only makes the song that much sweeter to listen to.

BTS “MIC Drop” Choreography Video:

For the second surprise video, BTS released a “MIC Drop” dance practice (MAMA dance break version). Prepare yourself to be personally attacked by this video.

Bangtans News:

Bangtan News is back again this year! For translations of these fun news articles by BTS, head over to Bangtan Translations!

BTS “Spring Day” Choreography Video:

The third surprise video featured “λ΄„λ‚  (Spring Day)” dance practice (Lovely version). It’s not clear why they decided to call this the lovely version since they all act a little chaotic and just keep attacking each other in the middle of the choreography!

Fun tidbit: It looks like this video was filmed while they getting ready for their BTS Home Party in 2017, as they’re wearing similar outfits from this practice video for the event.

2019 BTS Festa Family Portrait #2:

One of the best parts of BTS Festa is here! The group family portraits! Bangtan released photos of them dressed together in their solo outfits again, as well as group shots in stunning suits. Check on your ARMY friends to make sure they are still breathing.

You can check out all of the photos with the linsk in the tweets below:

Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix):

Jungkook and BTS released the piano version of “Euphoria”, also called the “Euphoria” (DJ Swivel Forever Mix). And along with the audio on SoundCloud they also gifted us with a JK memories by BTS which will definitely make you tear up and/or ugly cry.

2019 BTS Festa Profiles:

BTS released their self written profiles this year and you can check out translations from Bangtan Translations or Do You Bangtan!

You can also view all the profiles in the link below:

Bangtan Attic:

In Bangtan Attic the members of BTS enjoy a meal together while answering questions that have them looking back on their youths, how they’ve changed, and what the future holds!

BTS Festa Family Portrait Special:

As a surprise bonus, Big Hit released a series of special family portraits! This time the members switched their sets from their solo songs!

For all of the images follow the link in the tweet below:

What are you excited to see during the 2019 BTS Festa?

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