The 100 season 5 is many months away — can we just time jump to 2018?! While we wait, let’s run down the list of questions we want answered…

Ahead of The 100 season 4, I released a list of 100 questions I had for the season as a whole (officially beating Clarke Griffin to the trend of 100-lists, just sayin’). That was fun! But you know what’s even more fun? 101 questions!

At the end of the season 4 finale “Praimfaya,” we jumped ahead six years and seven days to find Clarke alone on Earth — save for a new companion, a Nightblood child named Madi. What they’ve gone through over the past six years, and what has happened to all of Clarke’s friends, is a total mystery to the audience.

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The missing-years cliffhanger begs a bunch of obvious questions, like “where is everyone else” and “are they okay” and “where does Clarke get her fetch hair dye,” but hopefully this list also contains questions you didn’t even know you wanted to know, sparking some more debate during this impossibly long hiatus.

So let’s hop to it: here are the 101 questions I hope will be answered in The 100 season 5!

101 questions ‘The 100’ season 5 needs to answer

  1. Did Clarke stay in Becca’s lab right after Praimfaya hit, or did she go to Murphy’s bachelor bunker to wait out the worst of it?
  2. How did she find the green oasis that she and Madi now live in?
  3. Just how big is the oasis — and how many people will be able to live there?
  4. How long after Praimfaya did Clarke find Madi, and how had Madi been surviving on her own until then?
  5. Why was Madi not among the group of Nightblood children that Lexa was preparing for the conclave?
  6. What lessons is Clarke giving her?
  7. How have Clarke’s priorities shifted as a result of finding and caring for this child?
  8. Has Clarke found some kind of happiness, or peace, over the past six years?
  9. Could there be other Nightbloods out there?
  10. Will non-Nightbloods have a harder time surviving on the surface?
  11. Are the Eligius prisoners Nightbloods, or just more radiation-resistant like the Ark survivors?
  12. Will the bunker dwellers be happy about leaving their underground prison, or hesitant to abandon their home of the past six years?
  13. Will Octavia manage to keep the peace in the bunker — and is she still the non-Heda Heda of Wonkru after six years?
  14. What happens if/when people start having babies in the bunker and the population count rises?
  15. What happens to the bodies when people die/are killed or executed in the bunker?
  16. Wildly presuming that babies are ‘allowed,’ just how many babies have Kane and Abby had at this point? One? Two? Seven? A hundred?
  17. Did Abby forgive Kane for keeping her inside the bunker even though she told him not to?
  18. Has Abby’s brain been cured?
  19. Are she and Jackson (and Niylah) still the only doctors, or have they expanded their medikru?
  20. Is my OTP Mackson still sailing strong six years later?
  21. Is Kane still the Chancellor for/Ambassador of the Arkadians, or have all traces of the former factions been erased?
  22. Are Kane and Indra still BFFs?
  23. Will Indra and Gaia grow closer during their time in the bunker, or will Gaia take issue with Octavia’s leadership, and the fact that Indra stands by her?
  24. Does Gaia still have the Flame?
  25. Will we see Jaha in season 5, since Isaiah Washington is no longer a series regular?
  26. How about his now-11-year-old ‘son’ Ethan, aka Wells 2.0?
  27. Will we see more of Miller in season 5 than we did in season 4?
  28. Will we find out if there are any more delinquents inside the bunker, or is six the official final count (Miller, Octavia, Murphy, Monty, Clarke, Harper)?
  29. Is Bellamy gonna grow a flash-forward beard?
  30. Do Bellamy and co. continue to think Clarke is dead throughout the six years, or will they find out she’s alive pre-reunion?
  31. Has he made peace with the fact that they left Clarke to ‘die’, or does that decision still haunt him?
  32. Will Raven have a love interest this season?
  33. And more importantly: will she continue to be her amazing, badass self during their time in space, saving everyone’s asses and taking on a more prominent leadership role?
  34. Will she and Echo fall in love?
  35. Or will Bellamy and Raven be drawn together romantically during their time on the Ark?
  36. Will Bellamy ever find himself able to fully trust Echo?
  37. Will Becho happen?
  38. …Will the Space Squad’s six years on the Ark basically just be one big polyamorous Sense 8-style love fest and nothing at all bad or unpredictable will happen to them during that time? ;)
  39. Will Murphy and Raven continue their beautiful bromance?
  40. Are Memori and Marper still together, six years later?
  41. Are Murphy and Monty BFFs in the future?
  42. Are Monty’s hands okay?!
  43. Will Echo and Emori have a harder time surviving on the Ark since they weren’t born in space?
  44. Will the seven of them grow closer together during their time on the Ark, or will they fracture and/or form new allegiances?
  45. Why didn’t the Space Squad come down after five years, when it was safe to return?
  46. Have they really been on the Ark this entire time?
  47. Have Bellamy and co. perhaps already crossed paths with the crew of Eligius?
  48. Have all seven of them been in the same place all this time, or have they been separated? (Are they even all still alive?)
  49. Are some of them aboard that prison ship?
  50. Or are they somehow already on the ground?
  51. Will the ALIE software on the Ark play a role in season 5?
  52. Are the Eligius crew descendants of the ones who left Earth for the original colony, or are they the same people, having been stuck in hypersleep for 100 years?
  53. Did the Eligius crew always plan on returning ~5 years after the second Praimfaya, or were they lost in space/planning to return after 200 years like the Ark, but then called back/forced to return early?
  54. Did Earth really ‘lose contact’ with the Eligius Mining Penal Colony, or did the criminals deliberately cut themselves off?
  55. Will we ever see their ‘home planet,’ a.k.a. the asteroid they were sent to mine?
  56. What does the word “Gagarin” on the prisoner transport refer to?
  57. Will the Eligius crew be hostile to Clarke immediately, or be open to a peaceful solution?
  58. Will there perhaps be a hundred prisoners on that ship?
  59. Will the Eligius crew be able to re-introduce some long-dead species of animals or plants (like, say, cats) to the barren Earth?
  60. Is there a bigger, Ark-like ‘mother ship’ up in space from which the prison transport was deployed?
  61. Just how much time will be devoted to flashbacks versus ‘present day’ events?
  62. Which group will Clarke reunite with first: the bunker dwellers or the space squad?
  63. Will anyone not remember what she looks like? (Hey, it’s been six years. People forget things.)
  64. Has Clarke been radioing Bellamy specifically for six years and seven days, or does she take turns giving shout-outs? (“Dear Murphy…”)
  65. Will Clarke be happy to see her former friends, or will some of them actually be enemies to her now, their priorities clashing with her and Madi’s?
  66. Has Bellamy grown into the head+heart leader that Clarke believed he could be?
  67. Will Bellamy and Octavia’s reunion be as touching as their goodbye scene?
  68. Will Clarke and Niylah have a significant reunion?
  69. Have Niylah and Octavia grown closer during their time in the bunker?
  70. Will Wonkru remain Wonkru once the bunker doors open?
  71. Is there another way out of the bunker?
  72. Have the Grounders been able to adapt to life underground (or in space), or have some of them lost their minds as a result of the claustrophobic confinement?
  73. Will the Eligius crew be the ‘big bad’ of the season, or is there another source of conflict — perhaps between the formerly allied groups of characters we already know?
  74. The 100 season 4 Harper

  75. What was Harper’s crime? (Seriously, just tell us.)
  76. Did the dropship survive Praimfaya, and if yes, will we ever see it again? Have we already seen it?
  77. Will we ever get that Cadogan/Becca/Grounder origin story flashback?
  78. Was Cadogan in the Second Dawn bunker — and was he one of the people who received a shot of Becca’s Nightblood — or did he survive Praimfaya by going to space?
  79. Is Roan alive? (Just kidding.) (Okay, I’m like 99% kidding.)
  80. So how did Clarke know Riley on the Ark?
  81. Will we ever learn who Octavia and Bellamy’s fathers were?
  82. Am I right or am I right that Jaha has secretly been in love with Abby the whole time? (Just let me have this one.)
  83. Has Kane officially adopted any/all of the kids inside the bunker?
  84. Do the Ark-issued birth control implants have an expiration date?
  85. Have there been any babies born in space?
  86. Would The 100 ever make an OT3 canon?
  87. Will we see anyone get married on the show — either with an Arkadian or Grounder-style wedding ceremony?
  88. Will Bellarke become canon in The 100 season 5?
  89. How will Bellamy feel about Clarke having a younger sister/child, and her presumably being as protective of Madi as he was of Octavia?
  90. And how will Abby feel about Clarke being a ‘mom’ now (and Abby in turn being a grandma, awww)?
  91. Will we see the amusement park ruins in the opening credits?
  92. Did Octavia’s horse Helios survive Praimfaya?
  93. Will Monty be reunited with his backpack, and the suicide note from Jasper that was apparently inside?
  94. Whatever happened to Clarke’s watch?
  95. Where is Bryan?!
  96. Will Adina Porter, Luisa d’Oliveira, Jessica Harmon, Sachin Sahel and/or Tati Gabrielle be promoted to series regulars?
  97. Are Jarod Joseph and Chelsey Reist actually regulars or not? (And if yes, can they be part of the main credits already?)
  98. Will any of the Eligius characters join the main cast?
  99. Will we get a new character photoshoot this year?
  100. Will Jason Rothenberg return to Twitter in season 5?
  101. Will The 100 be renewed for season 6? (If not, let’s enjoy the hell out of this hiatus! And if it does — let’s still enjoy it!)
  102. …So are there any good guys?

The 100 returns in early 2018, so we have lots of time to ponder these questions, and probably come up with a few hundred more.

Season 5 starts shooting in August 2017, stay tuned for updates. May we meet again!

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