July 2016: Here are 100 questions I expect — nay, demand (and by ‘demand’ I mean ‘kindly request’) — that The 100 season 4 answers.

Update (May 25, 2017): It was early July, 2016. Before SDCC, before any The 100 season 4 promotion had started. And I thought, ‘Hey! Let’s sling out some wild questions about the upcoming season! What could go wrong?’

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Some were just for fun. Some were DEADLY serious. (The Fire Nation one in particular.) Some were a bit meh, and others turned out to be surprisingly relevant to the upcoming story.

The season 4 finale has now aired, and it’s time to look back at this sometimes dumb, sometimes surprisingly omniscient list of questions I was hoping the season would answer. Enjoy!

  1. Will there be another time jump at the beginning of season 4?
    Answer: No… not at the beginning of season 4!
  2. Will Clarke tell everyone about the Earth’s newfound expiration date right away, or keep the information a secret?
    Answer: Everyone found out pretty quickly.
  3. If she does end up playing the herald of death, will everyone/anyone take the threat seriously?
    Answer: Yes. They only briefly questioned ALIE’s sincerity before Raven’s math confirmed it.
  4. Might the Arkanians even make Clarke the Chancellor, since she’s practically leading them all anyway?
    Answer: Hey, she was acting Chancellor for a while there.
  5. Will their first plan of action be to try and stop the nuclear plant breakdowns, or will they try to map out the 4% of the Earth that’ll still be habitable?
    Answer: Secret option number #3: Their first step was to attempt to fortify the Ark.
  6. Will they succeed in stopping the apocalypse?
    Answer: Nope.
  7. Or will they fail, and end the season taking shelter somewhere?
    Answer: That is exactly what happened, well done me!
  8. Are the nuclear power plants even really melting down, or was ALIE bluffing so Clarke would keep the City of Light open for business?
    Answer: It was really happening.
  9. The 100 Roan

  10. Is ALIE gone for good?
    Answer: Ummmmmm. Unclear.
  11. Will the Flame be activated again?
    Answer: No. (Not in season 4, at least.)
  12. Has the shared ALIE experience finally ended the war between Trikru and Skaikru?
    Answer: No — it just turned into a different war. (And now they’re Wonkru.)
  13. Who’ll be the next leader of Trikru?
    Answer: Indra? (Technically it’s Octavia now.)
  14. Is Roan gonna be the new leader of the Grounders?
    Answer: Yes. And then he died. 😭
  15. Since there’s an Ice Nation, is there also a Fire Nation?
    Answer: Does Praimfaya count?
  16. Will the 13-clan alliance hold now that there are no more Nightbloods ready to ascend?
    Answer: It didn’t, but now there’s Wonkru.
  17. Wouldn’t there still be secret and/or baby Nightbloods?
    Answer: There was at least one: Madi!
  18. Where do the Grounders keep their babies, anyway?
    Answer: Actually, they don’t have babies on The 100 — they find them in the wild when they’re half-grown. (Hi Clarke.)
  19. The 100 Luna

  20. Will we see Luna again?
    Answer: Yes. And then she died. 😭
  21. Is Luna’s kru safe from the radiation apocalypse because they’re on the ocean?
    Answer: They were not. RIP Floukru.
  22. After killing Pike, will Octavia go back to Luna like she and Lincoln planned?
    Answer: That’s a hard no.
  23. Or is she staying with the delinquents, with more schemes up her sleeve?
    Answer: If by “schemes” my past self meant assassin murder funtimes, then yes.
  24. If Octavia leaves, will Bellamy take off in search of her?
    Answer: She did leave, and he did try to go after her, but got stuck in the Black Rain and had to let her go.
  25. Can Octavia and Bellamy ever be okay again?
    Answer: “I love you, big brother.” 💙
  26. Were they ever truly okay since landing on the ground?
    Answer: However okay they might have been, their relationship seemed stronger than ever in the season 4 finale.
  27. The 100 Jaha

  28. What are the Arkadians gonna do with Jaha?
    Answer: Let him save their asses with his crazy (not so crazy after all) bunker conspiracy theories, that’s what.
  29. Will Jaha finally stop thinking he’s the Chosen One?
    Answer: Probably not, but acknowledging that he was wrong and Kane was right in “The Chosen” was probably a big step in the right direction.
  30. Does Jaha have knowledge they need to save the world?
    Answer: Not to save the world, but to save their people.
  31. Will he give that information up freely?
    Answer: Yes he did!
  32. And, equally important: Will Kane and Abby finally get it on?
    Answer: Affirmative. 😍
  33. Will the remaining Skaikru go back to Arkadia or stay in Polis? Answer: That… was a more complicated question than I thought it would be. (Final answer: whatever’s left of Skaikru ended up in/underneath Polis.)
  34. Who’s gonna die this year? (Or, maybe more appropriately: Who’s gonna be left alive?!)
    Answer: RIP to the fallen: Nyko, Ilian, Roan, Luna, Riley, Jasper, David Miller, and the entire world population minus 1,209 people. 😢
  35. The 100 car

  36. Are the delinquents sticking together this year? (PLEASE.)
    Answer: Eehhh. Apart from some emotional disconnect/Clarke isolating herself, then they mostly did stick together in some constellation or other.
  37. How many delinquents are even actually left at this point?
    Answer: That we know of: Clarke, Monty, Harper, Murphy, Octavia and Miller.
  38. Will Shawn Mendes be back for another random yet charming musical montage?
    Answer: Wow 2016 me was hilarious, huh?
  39. Will Jasper punch him in the face again?
    Answer: I like to believe he would have.
  40. Is Jasper going to be able to recover, or will his PTSD continue to haunt him?
    Answer: Unfortunately Jasper was not able to find a way to live with his trauma.
  41. Will Raven and Jasper’s friendship continue, and/or grow into something more?
    Answer: No.
  42. Is Monty gonna have time to grieve his mother properly?
    Answer: Other than confront his father’s killer, no.
  43. The 100 Murphy

  44. Is Murphy finally ‘one of the good guys’?
    Answer: Acknowledging that there are no good guys, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say YES.
  45. Will he and Emori stick with the delinquents or set off on their own?
    Answer: They stuck with the group. Survival is a team sport!
  46. Will Harper have more screen time this year?
    Answer: She did! Not as much as I’d have liked, but I’ll take what I can get.
  47. And will we learn what crime she committed?
    Answer: …….Still nope. Clearly it’s gonna be a HUGE reveal in season 8.
  48. Will Miller and Bryan finally get to make out?
    Answer: No (but I have high hopes for Mackson).
  49. …And raise chickens?
    Answer: All the chickens are dead now.

  50. Or has Miller secretly been in love with Monty this whole time?
    Answer: Hey, this could still be true. Never give up the dream, Minty shippers.
  51. What did Miller steal, anyway? (Other than our hearts.)
    Answer: Our hearts is the correct, and probably only, answer to that question.
  52. The 100 Clarke Wells

  53. Will we get more Ark flashbacks in season 4?
    Answer: No flashbacks, aside from the Cagodan iPad footage.
  54. Will Wells be in them?
    Answer: This was supposed to be a throwaway question, but Wells does actually appear briefly, in 409, when Jaha sees him reflected in a window.
  55. Will we ever find out who Bellamy’s father is?
    Answer: Nah but let’s just say it’s Kane.
  56. Will the Grounders forgive Bellamy for the part he played in the army massacre?
    Answer: *pushes up my glasses* Actually, it was really more about Bellamy forgiving himself.
  57. Will Bellamy forgive himself, and finally let go of some of all the guilt he’s been carrying around?
    Answer: That was pretty much the plot of his season 4 arc, and yes, I think he did — potentially picking up some new guilt in the finale, though.
  58. Are Bellamy and Kane gonna continue that important season 3 conversation about doing the right thing for the right reasons?
    Answer: Yes: Kane’s season 4 premiere speech about turning the page and moving on was an almost direct follow-up.
  59. Will Murphy and Bellamy finally act on their sizzling chemistry and make Murphamy canon?
    Answer: Hey, six years alone in space…
  60. The 100 Murphamy

  61. Will there be more light/happy moments for the delinquents?
    Answer: There were a few smiles, yes.
  62. Is Raven gonna be allowed a sliver of happiness at last?
    Answer: Raven’s season 4 arc was stressful and scary, but ultimately turned out to be an epic love story with herself — so I think that counts as some happiness.
  63. Is anyone else?
    Answer: lol. What show did I think I was watching?
  64. Will Clarke laugh this year?
    Answer: Has Clarke ever laughed, actually?
  65. …Will anyone else?
    Answer: “A Lie Guarded” had some laughs.
  66. Will Clarke get a new love interest in season 4, or is it too soon after Lexa?
    Answer: She definitely found comfort with Niylah.
  67. Might she move on with Bellamy?
    Answer: Not in season 4.
  68. Or Raven?
    Answer: Not in season 4.
  69. Or both? 😏
    Answer: I mean, that finale sent my Bravenlarke feels spiking through the roof, not gonna lie.
  70. The 100 Clarke Raven Bellamy

  71. Will Raven use her smarts to save the day (again)?
    Answer: Hell to the yes.
  72. In lieu of Princess Mechanic: Are Octavia and Raven finally gonna fall in love?
    Answer: I guess not *sigh* (but don’t rule out Niytavia!)
  73. And how about those potential Luna/Bellamy and Echo/Bellamy ships?
    Answer: Not in season 4 — but Becho is still in the mix.
  74. Will Marper survive the apocalypse?
    Answer: YES! 😍 (But at what cost?)
  75. Is anyone ever gonna get pregnant on this show?
    Answer: Not in season 4.
  76. And/or take a shower?
    Answer: Haha yes. Several showers. Thanks, writers.
  77. Will the delinquents ever take another joyride in the jeep of happiness?
    Answer: Don’t know about a joy-ride, but that Mad Max: Fury Road sequence in 406 was pretty epic.
  78. The 100 kane

  79. How will Kane feel after almost killing everyone while under ALIE’s control?
    Answer: Terrible.
  80. Will he have scars on his hands this year, after being literally crucified?
    Answer: I didn’t notice any scars.
  81. Are Kane and Indra still best friends forever?
    Answer: Their friendship seems to have survived the apocalypse.
  82. Will Jackson ever reveal his love for Abby?
    Answer: Let’s pretend I said Miller instead of Abby, it’ll make me look smart.
  83. What’s Miller’s dad been up to this whole time?
    Answer: …Dying? 😟
  84. What happened to the gorilla?
    Answer: Praimfired.
  85. And the two-headed deer?
    Answer: Praimfired.
  86. And the water snake?
    Answer: That’s actually the season 5 big bad. (Nah, Praimfired.)
  87. The 100 Indra

  88. Are we going to meet any new factions of Grounders/survivors?
    Answer: Several new Grounders and groups were introduced in season 4, including Ilian, Trishanakru, the slaves, the Second Dawn (mentioned) and the Eligius Mining Corporation.
  89. Will we find out more about Grounder history and how their society developed?
    Answer: We’ve seen how the Second Dawn bunker seals correspond to the 12 clans, and can assume that Cadogan was somehow involved with the founding of the Grounder society after Becca landed with the Nightblood. Beyond that, it’s all still a mystery.
  90. Will Niylah be back?
    Answer: Yes! And it seems she’s here to stay.
  91. And how about Echo?
    Answer: Also yes.
  92. AND INDRA?!?!?
    Answer: Yep!
  93. Will we ever see what’s happening outside of North America?
    Answer: Yes — careful what you wish for.
  94. Could there be entire civilizations out there, or is North America the most habitable area left? (Since evidently it’s crawling with life.)
    Answer: There sure aren’t any civilizations left now.
  95. Are there other Mount Weather-style apocalypse bunkers out there?Answer: Yes! The Second Dawn bunker.
  96. Are there any Reapers still crawling around the tunnels?
    Answer: If they were, they aren’t anymore!
  97. The 100 hug

  98. Is the show gonna devote more time to developing its awesome female friendships?
    Answer: Not too much time, but seeds have been sown for a couple including Octavia/Niylah, Emori/Raven and Clarke/Raven. And in general the girls are just working together and getting shit done, which is awesome.
  99. Are the original 100 gonna stick together as they face new problems?
    Answer: For the most part.
  100. Will there be more LGBT characters/relationships introduced in season 4?
    Answer: Mackson 😍
  101. Will they go back to ALIE’s sweet-ass mansion?
    Answer: Indeed they did.
  102. Can Pike please return as a ghost to haunt Octavia just so Mike Beach can keep being on the show?
    Answer: I wish, but no.
  103. Will we learn more about Indra?
    Answer: Like the fact that she HAS A DAUGHTER? Way to deliver!
  104. The 100 Jasper

  105. Will The 100 writers finally reveal what Hogwarts houses the characters are in?
    Answer: Still waiting on that one.
  106. Will there ever be a Fallout-style open-world The 100 video game like I’ve been asking for?
    Answer: No, but that question seems even more relevant post-time jump!
  107. Or a Trigedasleng dictionary?
    Answer: I actually asked language creator David J. Peterson about this in a podcast interview and the answer is that there could be, with enough fan demand.
  108. Or a comic book series?
    Answer: Not yet…
  109. Are Stephen King and William Shatner gonna continue debating the show on Twitter?
    Answer: No debating, but they’re both still watching it!
  110. Will The 100 be renewed for season 5?
    Answer: F YEAH it did!
  111. Is Jason Rothenberg returning to Twitter any time soon?
    Andrew: Survey says… not likely.
  112. Will The 100 fans ever learn to get along?
    Answer: I mean, look, we’re doing our best.

And that’s it! That was a fun trip down memory lane. Now let’s start thinking of questions for season 5!

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