Twenty reasons why we love Stephen Amell

11:30 am EDT, January 29, 2014

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Page 2: Twenty reasons why we love Stephen Amell

He’s pretty intimidating with his bow and quiver of arrows.

Stephen Amell Bow and Arrows

He’s just got mad skillz, yo.

Stephen Amell Mad Skillz

He’s one of the most genuine stars out there today.

Stephen Amell Genuine

He fights against cancer (even though cancer isn’t a main villain in the D.C. rogues gallery).

Stephen Amell Fuck Cancer

He co-founded a wine company. Cheers to that!

Stephen Amell Winery

He is devoted to his fans…

Stephen Amell Devoted to Fans

…And enjoys binge-watching shows just like we do, knocking them out episode by episode.

Stephen Amell Binge-Watching

He loves what he does and is 100% devoted to ‘Arrow’…

Stephen Amell Devoted to Arrow

…But still has time to be the most wonderful father in the world.

Stephen Amell and Baby

Lastly, we love Stephen Amell because he IS The Arrow.

Stephen Amell The Arrow


Our list of things that we love about this man could honestly go on and on, but we’re choosing to stop there. So, tell us…

What do you love best about Stephen Amell?

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