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Twenty reasons why we love Stephen Amell

Arrow is one of the hottest shows on television, thanks in large part to the wonderful Stephen Amell. So we thought we’d demonstrate some of our appreciation for the talented actor by listing just a few reasons why we love him.

Even though the writing, costumes, directing, and editing are all wonderfully done, Arrow just wouldn’t be the same without Stephen Amell. In fact, it would be downright weird. And really, really sad. We honestly couldn’t see anyone else but him playing Oliver Queen (at least, not nearly as well as he can).

Stephen Amell is the show’s biggest supporter, fan, and cheerleader. He’s constantly posting production updates on all of his social media channels, recording relatively intimate Q&A’s for all of his fans, and getting excited about future story lines. He has even started to post some pretty hilarious Arrow memes on his Facebook, which is awesome. He pours all of his heart and soul into his role and we really couldn’t possibly be more thankful for him. In our humble opinion, he’s what a lot of stars should strive to be.

Though our adoration of Stephen Amell truly knows no bounds, here are just a few of the many reasons why we love him (and hey, they’re conveniently just in time for Amell Wednesday!).

Stephen Amell is truly ‘Arrow’s’ biggest fan.

Stephen Amell Bigget Fan Ever
Via rping-gifs.tumblr.com

He’s not at all bad-looking…

Stephen Amell Good Looking
Via endlessly-forever-and-always.tumblr.com

…Especially when he does those crazy, insane pull-ups that he did in the pilot episode of ‘Arrow.’

Stephen Amell Pull Ups
Via rping-gifs.tumblr.com

(Honestly though, who could ever forget this pretty spectacular feat of strength?! It’s insane!)

He even pulls off the horrible island wig.

Stephen Amell Island Wig
Via bourbonandbullets.tumblr.com

And who could resist his smile?

Stephen Amell's Smile
Via thehunted-rp.tumblr.com

Even his smallest facial movements make statements.

Stephen Amell Facial Expressions
Via melakafrays.tumblr.com

He was on ‘Degrassi’ about ten years ago.

Stephen Amell DegrassiStephen Amell Degrassi
Via davissbloome.tumblr.com

(For a clip of his short and sweet stint on Degrassi, make sure to click here.)

He’s truly, just an incredible actor.

Stephen Amell Incredible Actor
Via no-sssweat.tumblr.com

He does NOT mess around…

Stephen Amell Does Not Mess Around

…And even goes so far as to do his own stunts!

Stephen Amell Stunts
Via rping-gifs.tumblr.com

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