9:00 am EDT, February 9, 2018

YouTube suspending all ads on Logan Paul’s channel

YouTuber Logan Paul returned to making videos recently, but with YouTube announcing they’re pulling ads from his channel, Paul’s troubles are far from over.

Whether or not you spend a great deal of time on YouTube, chances are solid that you have heard the name Logan Paul mentioned recently. On a recent trip to Japan, Paul decided to film a vlog in the Aokigahara Forest (aka The Suicide Forest), where he and his friends discovered and filmed the body of a man who had recently killed himself.

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Understandably, people took huge issue with Paul’s decisions to film a vlog in a spot notorious for the numbers of people who take their own lives, to film the body of a man who had recently done just that, and then to edit and upload that video to his channel. It was a string of bad choices that cost him a lot of public support.

Though Paul has returned to making videos after about a month off, YouTube has just announced they’re suspending all advertising on his videos, saying his videos highlighted a string of bad behavior that made his content “unsuitable for brands.” Additionally, the platform said that his videos were “potentially damaging to the broader creator community.”

Once the Aokigahara Forest video surfaced, YouTube removed Paul from YouTube’s Google Preferred Ads service and removed him from the upcoming YouTube Red series, Foursome. Removing all ads from his videos is a new, huge blow to Paul’s internet empire, even though his following has increased since the video released.

YouTube has been cracking down on accounts that they deem “unsuitable for advertisers.” And while we can all agree that Paul has shown incredibly horrible judgement when it comes to creating appropriate content for his channel, it will be interesting to see how Paul’s actions affect how YouTube monitors other channels. The platform has already been making troubling calls on what channels and videos to demonetize (like videos pertaining to LGBTQIA+ issues, for instance), so we can only hope that Paul’s actions don’t cause the YouTube community as a whole to suffer.

We’ll have to wait to see how that part of the story plays out, but we’re happy to see that YouTube took the complaints against Paul seriously. We can only hope that Paul has grown a bit from this experience.

Do you think YouTube was too hard on Logan Paul?

Source: Variety

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