‘The X Factor’ judges select the Top 16 acts

11:15 am EDT, October 24, 2012

Live episodes of The X Factor begin next week, just in time for the Top 16 to really show off their talent!

The Top 16 acts were finalized last night, and here now is the line-up.

Teens (mentored by Britney Spears)

“I had a really tough time picking my final four – all of my kids were incredibly talented,” said Spears. “But I do believe I have the winner, so watch out Simon! You and your groups are going down! My Teens and I have some surprises in store for you.”

– Beatrice Miller from Maplewood, NJ (13)
– Arin Ray from Cincinnati, OH (17)
– Carly Rose Sonenclar from Westchester, NY (13)
– Diamond White from Los Angeles, CA (13)

Young Adults (mentored by Demi Lovato)

“I am so excited that I have this group because I am SURE the winner is in my final four,” said Lovato. “I cannot wait to mentor them – they are amazing!!”

– Cece Frey from Decatur, IL (21)
– Jennel Garcia from Rochester, MA (18)
– Willie Jones from Shreveport, LA (18)
– Paige Thomas from San Antonio, TX (22)

The Over 25s (mentored by L.A. Reid)

“Choosing my four acts was tough, but I feel good about the category I’m bringing with me to the live shows,” said Reid. “The Over 25s are definitely the ones to watch this season.”

– Vino Alan from Laquey, MO (40)
– Jason Brock from San Francisco, CA (35)
– David Correy from Riva, MD (27)
– Tate Stevens from Raymore, MO (37)

The Groups (mentored by Simon Cowell)

“The groups are in a different league this year,” said Cowell. “I am feeling very confident and so are they. They have a great mentor and I have great artists.”

Drew Chadwick – Age: 20 – Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Keaton Stromberg – Age: 16 – Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Wesley Stromberg – Age: 18 – Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Ally Brooke – Age: 19 – Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Camila Cabello – Age: 15 – Hometown: Miami, FL
Normani Hamilton – Age: 16 – Hometown: Houston, TX
Dinah Jane Hansen – Age: 15 – Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Lauren Jauregui – Age: 16 – Hometown: Miami, FL

Lyric 145
Jemelle Joseph – Age: 23 – Hometown: Bay Shore, NY
Julien Joseph – Age: 19 – Hometown: Bay Shore, NY
Lyric Da Queen – Age: 23 – Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Sister C
Carli Rayne Manchaca – Age: 19 – Hometown: Austin,TX
Celbi Manchaca – Age: 18 – Hometown: Austin, TX
Cirby Ryan Manchaca – Age: 21 – Hometown: Austin, TX

Tune in Thursday, November 1 to see the acts perform live.

(Pictured above: The girls of LYLAS)

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