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About that ‘Wynonna Earp’ season 3 finale: WTF happened?

I’m a well-documented and enthusiastic Wynonna Earp fan, but I’m going to level with you here; I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about the Wynonna Earp season 3 finale.

At least I’m not the only one who had more than a few WTF moments about the Wynonna Earp season 3 finale, right? And that’s not to say that my reaction was negative. There was a lot to like in these last two episodes and we got answers to some season-long questions.

Charlie’s Julian and Wynonna schtupped Waverly’s dad. Okay, that’s an answer and a WTF at the same time. I can’t wait to see what Michelle has to say about all of that, not to mention her reaction to Julian’s death at Bulshar’s hand. But that leads me to a whole new set of questions.

We know Doc bit Charlie because he was weak from the fire Maeve caused. Next thing we know, Doc’s got a hunger that no Snickers can satisfy. We’re talking glamor buffet with Kate sort of hunger. But even she knows something’s not right. Apparently, angel blood is Crack for vamps, which means Doc’s fiending for another taste.

So we get the whole confrontation in the greenhouse which also leads to the revelation of exactly who Charlie is. (Pretty set of wings, huh?). Which, yay, Waves meets her dad, but…

One minute Doc’s wild on angel blood and then he’s not just calm, but able to go up the stairs into the Garden after Waverly. Did Julian knock the crazed vamp out of him when he angel blasted him across the greenhouse?

Or was it after that? Waverly cries over him and, when a tear hits his face, she touches him and says, “We did love the man you were.” before kissing him on the cheek. So did she do it?

Is that why he can enter the Garden? Is he human again? He ends as he started — alongside an Earp going into battle. How is he the weapon? I’m so confused.

Like I said, a lot of questions.

Also, a lot of thoughts. I had those, too.

In all my time watching the show, it never occurred to me that Revenants are as cursed by the Earp curse as the Earps. Every generation faces them and has to kill them. That means the revenants keep getting yanked back to Purgatory every time a new Earp heir is born.

Bobo had a hand in events when the curse started and he had a hand in its end. In his own way, Bobo was trapped like everyone else. But life choices matter. Bobo Del Rey finally gets what’s coming to him. Even so, Bobo took Bulshar up on his offer because it got him out of that cage and the first thing he does is go find Waverly. In his own way, he did everything he could to protect his angel.

At the moment Wynonna offers to be Bulshar’s First Lieutenant, we see her as close to broken as we’ve ever seen her. She’s willing to get on her knees and beg. Genuinely beg. When she goes to touch him and he recoils, it gives her a new hope but seeing her that at a loss was quietly heartbreaking.

Other things I want to know

Jeremy has an empathic groin? I still want to know about this. And is it only with Doc? Does he feel different people’s danger levels in different places?

Did Waverly mean to bring Julian back in the beginning or was she just wishing and it happened? And why does Julian get depleted when he heals Nicole but Waverly doesn’t when the brings Julian back? I really want to know how these angel powers work.

Speaking of which, Nicole Haught gets a serious wound to the gut during the gunfight at the Gardner house and thinks she can walk it off? Someone needs to get that girl another round of safety training. I will say, however, that watching Haught and Kate partner up for that gunfight was cool. Sheriff Haught’s been in gunfights alongside a number of people and she always brings her A game.

Why is Robin immune to the beekeepers and is his calming effect on Jeremy more than just a relationship thing? Could it be chemical?

What in the Hell is in the garden and what was that sound? Waverly looks terrified. Those vines aren’t friendly.

And, of course, who’s Valdez and where is everyone?

Things I loved

Waverly proposing to Nicole.

No matter what happens and how crazy things get, Doc and Wynonna find a way back to one another. Even if they’re at odds. Even if it means Doc gets handcuffed to a ladder. Those two understand one another on a deep, deep level. They don’t always like each other, but they love each other.

Things that made me smile

“World’s worst Sons of Anarchy cosplayers.”

“But how does my hair look?” The world is falling apart and Wynonna handles the situation. Because what else can she do? She may never have wanted to be a hero, but Wynonna Earp is a hero to her core.

Wynonna’s Braveheart speech to the revenants.

That battle scene. Grenades. A Browning. Medieval fighting tricks. It felt like time travel.

I always appreciate a good Mambo #5 joke.

God bless Mercedes Gardner. How can I not adore her? She’ll survive everything and she’ll look amazing doing it.

Doc leaving Wynonna his guns and her strapping them on.

Nedley to the rescue. Also, his “Fuck yeah!” at the end. I wonder if Nedley’s all of us watching. It feels like he’s the audience in all of this.

The wrap up

I think the last two episodes mostly worked, but I find myself wishing I’d had more time to process everything that happened or had a few more questions answered. I don’t know if they’ll be addressed in season 4 or if I’ll just have to accept things as they are, but it feels like this was the end of more than a few storylines.

I think season t3 of Wynonna Earp was the show’s most ambitious season to date and if I have to live with the questions, I can. Nothing’s so crucial that I can’t figure it out. But I also hope season 4 will pull back in a bit to let us really deal with what I can only assume is going to be a wild ride.

After all, things are about to get downright biblical.

In the end, I’ll be watching. Hopefully, you will be, too.

See you next season, bitches.

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