11:00 am EDT, August 13, 2018

An old spectre raises its head in ‘Wynonna Earp’ 3×04 ‘No Cure For Crazy’

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, “No Cure For Crazy,” was not only a nightmare for dendrophobics everywhere, but it also gave us our first real dive into Michelle Gibson, a.k.a Mama Earp.

And the demon known as Jolene, played by the always interesting Zoie Palmer.

We also discovered murder trees, a nightmare forest, Audrey II’s second cousin, mentally altering brownies (no, not that kind), Waverly’s love for flip phones and Doc Holliday’s fear of flames (in Hell, that is).

In other words, a lot happened. Which is why I’m narrowing the focus to what I think are the two main elements of the episode: Mama Michelle and Jolene.

Before this episode, we knew Wynonna and Waverly’s mom was in jail but we didn’t know why. Heck, I was wondering how she’d been in jail and on that mountain road at the end of season 2, but her appearing to Wynonna in episode 2 of this season made me realize that Wynonna likely imagined her at the end of last season. Why she had to drive to a scenic overlook to have this conversation still remains a mystery to me, but now we know that Michelle Gibson tried to burn down the homestead barn.

With Waverly inside.

Last week, we got a look at Mama Earp that seemed to confirm that Michelle Gibson was more than a little… volatile. And it was clear that Wynonna’s visit didn’t help matters. The episode also spent a fair amount of time making Michelle look like a danger to herself and others (okay, maybe that part is still true), but the revelation that she was trying to protect Waverly from an actual demon casts everything in a new light.

A lot of “No Cure For Crazy” centered around why Michelle wouldn’t want Waverly to know where she was, and, through most of the episode, we think it’s because Michelle wanted her dead. But as it turns out, Michelle was trying to save Waverly.

As best as I can figure it, Jolene the demon was in the prison with Michelle. She’s the one Michelle is writing the “Never get out of here” message about and she’s the one Michelle’s yelling at and referring to when she says, “Kill the demon.” Michelle loses it when Waverly touches her, which I’m guessing somehow transferred the demon’s connection to Waverly.

In that moment, Michelle’s gone from doing everything she can to stay in prison to doing whatever she can to get out. And, yes, she does leave Wynonna behind, but I’m pretty sure Michelle knows Wynonna can take care of herself which, of course, she does.

But something seems to have gone terribly wrong in the Earp homestead barn judging by the fact that Wynonna comes home to Waverly, Nicole, and Doc around a table full of sweets apparently made by their new best friend, Jolene.

Quick note: I’ll admit. It took me a few minutes to recognize Zoie. I’m so used to her as a blonde both in Lost Girl and Dark Matter, so the hair threw me. But once I figured it out, there was a good bit of happy dancing.

But here’s a question… where’s Michelle?

And just what does Jolene want? If she’s been sticking around for 20 years, clearly she wants something. It’s not to kill Waverly or that would have happened right away. Given how fast she won them all over, she’s not planning to kill the others, at least not yet.

So what does she want? And is it connected to Bulshar? Or is this completely unrelated? I mean, I know this is the Ghost River Triangle and demons are a dime a dozen, but it’s not often you get two story-integral villains for no reason.

What we know right now is that she makes amazing desserts and she’s apparently everyone’s best friend all of a sudden.

What could possibly go wrong?

I can’t wait till next week. In the meantime, I suddenly have a wicked dessert craving.

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