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What if ‘Wonder Woman 2’s’ ‘love story’ doesn’t involve Diana at all?

Great love stories don’t have to involve the main character.

Wonder Woman 2’s director says the film will have a love story, but that it’s not what we’re thinking. What if the love story isn’t Diana’s?

Patty Jenkins took to Twitter yesterday to swiftly correct a comment of hers that was misinterpreted in an article by Collider. Her original quote had teased the appearance of a “great love story again” in Wonder Woman 2, which propelled fans into something of a panic. We just fell in love with Steve Trevor, after all — and why would Diana need to find another love interest so soon?

Given the timeline, of course, a new relationship wouldn’t necessarily have to take place directly after the events of Wonder Woman, but it would be disappointing to see such an amazing female character be constantly entangled in romance, when there’s so much more to explore.

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But Jenkins said that the article was “completely misunderstanding or making some pretty false assumptions” based on her quotes. While many fans are now theorizing that Jenkins meant something more abstract by ‘love story’ — a story about love for humankind? — there are other possibilities. Mainly, that the love story will be between two other characters.

In the original quote, Jenkins follows her remark about the “love story” with the assertion that she’s excited about a “couple new unbelievable characters who I’m so excited about, who are very different than were in the last movie.”

Who could be the protagonists of this new romance, and what could their love bring to a new movie?

wonder woman steve

The eyes through which we see Diana

Wonder Woman helped us get to know Diana in many ways, but chief among them was Steve Trevor. While the movie didn’t follow his point of view, he was still the character that asked the most questions, and that often reflected our own cynicism or humor. Through him, we got to see Diana from a human perspective, and to be awed by her just like he was.

While we know Diana very well now, we could still benefit from this kind of character, especially now that we’re going to be introduced to the inner life of a much older, much more experienced Wonder Woman.

Whoever becomes her sidekick in this new movie will have a lot to live up to, but knowing Jenkins, they’ll be perfectly amazing. And maybe there will be a love story in store for that character — a love story that Diana can support, and give advice on, like the role model she is.

wonder woman pov

A continuation of an older story

It’s unlikely that Wonder Woman 2 will completely leave behind the characters we came to know and love in the first film. We’re likely to get glimpses of the other members of her first team — Chief, Charlie and Sameer — in one way or another. And what better way to pay tribute to those characters than to show us some of their descendants?

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched of an idea to bring someone’s granddaughter or grandson to join Diana in her latest adventure. And perhaps a love story could be in store for them — something that could in some way make up for the injustices that their ancestor suffered during his time. What if Sameer’s granddaughter is an actress, or Chief’s grandson is an activist?

The inclusion of a character like this might help tie together both movies, while still making a completely new story of its own.

wonder woman diana

The embodiment of Wonder Woman’s values

Diana and Steve’s romance was far from a trivial plotline in an otherwise action-packed film. Their relationship was important to the values of Wonder Woman. It showed us how two very different people could understand the world better through each other — Steve, regaining his hope in a better future, and Diana, understanding the complexity of the world around her.

Jenkins has proved that she can direct amazing love stories that are as swoon-worthy as they are meaningful. So we shouldn’t be worried about Wonder Woman 2. Regardless of the characters involved, the “great love story” will likely be one of the main carriers of the message of the movie.

The most profound part of Wonder Woman has always been the depth that every character’s story brings to the main arc. It wasn’t only Diana’s journey that captivated us; Steve, Sameer, Charlie and Chief’s stories all kept us rooting for the messages of love, peace and inclusion that Jenkins built the movie on. For a story set during World War I, these characters’ stories were very relevant to the social battles taking place in the world at that time.

A new romance could be a means to reflect the need for love in today’s world. Perhaps it could be an interracial couple, or a same-sex couple, or two people on opposite sides of a war. If given the same considerate, delicate care that Wonder Woman’s characters were given, this new love story could prove truly revolutionary.

It’s not that Diana should never fall in love again, especially when so many years have passed, but this movie probably isn’t the right moment for it. For now, Wonder Woman 2 might benefit the most from a love story that doesn’t directly involve her — but that reminds us of the kind of love we want to see flourish in the world around us.

What do you think the ‘great love story’ is about?

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