6:45 pm EST, February 25, 2013

Aerial photos reveal first look at scope of ‘Wizarding World’ Orlando expansion

Construction continues on the rumored Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion at Universal Studios Orlando.

Today, for the first time, we’re getting a unique look at the construction sites thanks to aerial photos.

These spy-like shots reveal the layout of the new elements being added to Universal Studios. Strong rumors indicated that Universal is building a Diagon Alley land in its Studios park, while a real Hogwarts Express station is being created in the existing Wizarding World at neighboring park Islands of Adventure. A real Hogwarts Express train will connect the two lands, allowing visitors to take a “real” journey.

Grab your Firebolt, let’s fly overhead…

*Uses Time Turner to head back to January, the month in which these photos were taken*

Rumored Diagon Alley construction

At Universal Studios, Diagon Alley’s layout is clearly visible where the cleared pathways are. The giant structure in the top left is believed to be the Gringotts thrill ride.


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Here is a storage area for the Diagon Alley construction

There appears to be some ride track and other construction material stored here. No objects that would clearly indicate this being a Harry Potter attraction are visible.


The real Hogwarts Express train path

Yellow highlights on this image indicate where there is vertical construction happening. Presumably these construction pieces marked in yellow are the supports for the Hogwarts Express ride track. It’s difficult to see if these are elevated. If they are, this means the train will be going above ground level (but you won’t know it because the train will not offer views of the back side of Universal).


Hogwarts Express’ station at Islands of Adventure

Since room is tight and there weren’t plans to build an expansion (as far as we know), Universal is making due with the land it has and is putting the Hogwarts Express station within the Dragon Challenge ride. We presume you won’t be able to see the rollercoaster while you’re boarding the train.

Wizarding World Orlando Rumored Expansion

Universal has not yet formally announced the Wizarding World expansion other than saying it is working on one. It is presumed to be opening in 2014 or 2015.

Thanks to ParkRumors for the tip.

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