There’s something about watching someone propose to their significant other at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that is incredibly touching.

Harry Potter holds a special place in the hearts of many readers, so when you watch someone get engaged to their other half in Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World – presumably because the person who’s getting proposed to is a huge Harry Potter fan – you can’t help but smile.

This realization first apparated into our heads when we heard about Nicholas and Ben, two guys in their lower 20s who got engaged in front of Hogwarts Castle last month. The former was planning the engagement for eight months. He describes himself and his boyfriend as “HUGE” Harry Potter fans. Just look at these pictures. SWOON:




Nicholas, who did the proposing, described the nerves he was feeling to Gay Star News. “We exited the [Hogwarts Express] platform and started heading towards the castle,” he said, as if he were a student at Hogwarts. “I told my cousin that we should ‘get a picture’ and he knew right away what I meant. I couldn’t wait any longer. My stomach was aching and I had held the secret far too long.”

It got us thinking, how many other proposals have happened at the Wizarding World in its 4 1/2 year lifespan?

Here’s video of a man named Doug who proposed to his girlfriend Christina with a little help from Ollivander’s Wand Shop. The ring was hidden inside a wand box!

Speaking of Ollivander’s, here’s video of another man asking the famous wizard himself for a little assistance presenting the ring to his wife (skip to 2:20 for the main event):

At Ollivander’s another day, the wandmaster asked a man if he had any suggestions as to which wand his girlfriend should receive. The boyfriend’s idea was a proposal:

One man used the Mirror of Erised as a way to pop the question to his girlfriend, who was cosplaying as Bellatrix. The couple and their group of friends were taking turns standing in front of the mirror and sharing their greatest desires. When it got around to the boyfriend’s turn, his desire was marrying his woman (skip to 1:45):

We hope all of these happy couples celebrated with a round of Butterbeers after the big engagement.

People with huge Harry Potter-loving partners: This is what you need to do to seal the deal!

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