Why ‘The Whispers’ deserves a season 2

12:00 pm EDT, August 29, 2015

The Whispers has been a phenomenal product for ABC, and we are desperate to see more next summer.

There aren’t too many summer shows that stick out as solid, quality programming. The traditional summer fair tends to lean more toward Big Brother or The Bachelor, where the demand on your attention is minimal, but you can still enjoy the show. There is definitely a place for those in the summer schedule, but when a network show manages to surprise and delight its viewers as much as The Whispers has, you desperately want to see more. We’re pretty much begging now, ABC.

Things haven’t been clear cut during The Whispers‘ 13 episode run. The pilot started out with pretty impressive ratings, and then dipped quite a bit after that. The verdict as to whether or not we will get a season 2 has not yet been handed down by ABC, so there’s still hope, but when the cast’s contracts were not re-negotiated before they expired in late June, things were not looking good. We refuse to relinquish hope until we hear the definitive no from the powers that be, so here are all the reasons why we feel The Whispers deserves a season 2.

It’s a damn good show

Barry-sloane-the-whispers-season-1-premiere edit

Summer programming needs to be fun, different, and memorable. The Whispers hit all three of those out of the park in their first season. It also managed to be a damn good show with a well-structured 13 episode arc chock full of twists and turns that were legitimately surprising.

There’s so much we still don’t know about these characters

The Whispers season 1 episode 4 Claire Bennigan Wes Lawrence Lily Rabe Barry Sloane

While we’ve seen most of these characters interacting in the interest of pushing the narrative forward, there is so much we still don’t know about them. There are complicated histories, intense traumas to recover from, and futures so unpredictable there’s no telling who could possibly end up where. Even if Drill took a backseat after season 1’s end to give us a chance to get to know these characters better, the show would only be stronger for it.

Drill can’t be the only alien threat out there

The Whispers season 1 episode 7 Lena Lawrence Minx Lawrence twinkle lights

After the conclusion to the penultimate episode this past Monday, we know Drill was reaching out to his kind, proving that he is not alone. A second season of this series could explore all the other places on Earth that are prime targets for the manipulative ministrations of Drill and his kind.

Aliens don’t only pick on Americans

The Whispers season 1 episode 10 Darkest Fears 9 Barry Sloane Wes Lawrence Lily Rabe Claire Bennigan

It seems a bit odd that Drill chose to focus only on American targets, so a second season of The Whispers could call Claire Bennigan away to other parts of the world where similar events have triggered investigations into invisible entities. They could also throw the show into an entirely different culture and start with a fresh cast of characters.

Why do you want to see ‘The Whispers’ season 2?

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