Why do people love or hate 3D movies?

11:00 am EST, March 16, 2012

As 3D technology advances more and more movies, particularly classics, are being rendered from their original 2D formats in to 3D spectacles. While this has some people excited about reliving their favorite movies in theaters, it also has others up in arms!

What are your thoughts on 3D movies?

For me personally, as someone who studied a variety of subjects on film in my undergrad days, I am okay with 3D technology. I have pretty much enjoyed the handful of 3D movies I have seen. When it was announced that Titanic and now Jurassic Park would be rendered in 3D for a major rerelease, I was stoked! And why wouldn’t I be? It’s exciting to be able to go back to theaters to see these classic movies in a whole new way!

After browsing the comments in both the Titanic 3D and Jurassic Park 3D announcements on Hypable.com, I noticed there was a pretty even split in excitement. Some people were just as excited as I was to experience these movies in a theater again. Others found it offensive, gimmicky and a problem in their lives.

I’ve never understood why people have had such a huge issue with 3D movies – more specifically the newly rendered 2D to 3D movies such as Titanic and Jurassic Park! No one is making anyone see these rerelases in 3D so why have a psychological melt down about the fact that it’s being made?

I asked both the Hypable staff and my Twitter followers to weigh in: what are your thoughts on 3D movies? Hypable writer Kristin LeMunyon shares my optimistic outlook on 3D movies saying, “Generally speaking, and aside from the fact that I’ll have to pay $20, I like 3D movies. It adds a neat effect to films.”

However, as predicted, there was a spectrum of reasons as to why people hate 3D movies.  Hypable writer and resident film buff Jimmy Bean had interesting information about the production of 3D movies that some people may relate to, saying, “There are two different kinds [of 3D movies]. There’s the 3D that actually is worth the money because it was filmed and conceived in 3D (Avatar, Hugo, Harold and Kumar 3D, the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man), but then there are some that are just moneygrubbing to nab the extra cash by sending their 2D pictures (Clash of the Titans, The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, The recent Disney re-releases, Phantom Menace, the upcoming Avengers movie, the list is endless) to conversion houses where they are post-converted. The image is made darker, muddier, and just more of a mess in general.”

Jimmy’s last point was what was so interesting to me. So many people feel that studios are selling and marketing these movies for the sole purpose of making money, which doesn’t sit well with consumers. But how does that change how one views the movie? I, for one, don’t go to the movies thinking about whether or not I have been tricked or manipulated in to seeing it based on the marketing. In fact, I allow myself to be open to being persuaded. If a trailer or promotional campaign is successful enough to persuade me to pay money to go see a movie, I invite that excitement. I go to the movies to enjoy the experience, whether it be in 2D or 3D!

One reason I can understand not enjoying 3D movies is the physical adaptation. My good friend Andrea (@andiware) says, “I like the idea of 3D movies, but they always give me a migraine.” As someone who sometimes gets headaches from movie theaters myself, I sympathize with that. Hypable writer Sarah Maloy outlined her issues with wearing 2 sets of glasses very clearly: “It’s just really uncomfortable for some people (me) to watch 3D movies especially people with glasses (me) who can’t wear contacts (me) and thus have to wear two sets of glasses to see the film.”

So my question to you, the astute Hypable reader is this: besides a physical discomfort what is the reason for hating on 3D movies?

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