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What movies should former One Direction members star in?

Given Harry Styles’ success in Dunkirk, it’s time for the other members of One Direction to make their theatrical debut. Here’s what they would be perfect for.

For someone with no prior professional acting experience, Harry Styles’ performance in Dunkirk was remarkably accomplished; he appears confident and the performance does not feel out of place or amateurish; quite the opposite in fact, his role is one of the more compelling elements of the film. Styles’ accomplished performance made me wonder: Could the other members of One Direction pull this off? If they were going to be in a movie, what kind of movie should it be?

Niall Horan

With Niall’s sunny demeanor and thick Irish accent, he would be a perfect fit for a live-action Disney remake. Having already remade Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Jungle Book, it’s clear that Disney is interested in rebooting all of their movies with live-action counterparts.

These movies lean heavily on the use of CGI and Niall would make a great voice actor. He has a very distinct and identifiable voice that could bring fun and interesting characterization to any number of characters.

He would also bring a strong and necessary physical comedy to any role. Since these films use motion-capture as a part of the CGI, Niall would need to bring his physicality to the role.

Based on what we’ve seen from him on the performing stage, he would definitely be willing to take risks and be a little silly for the sake of a role.

Liam Payne

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Liam has begun the process of rebranding as a solo artist with the release of two songs – “Get Low” and “Strip That Down.” It’s clear that he is going for a much different image than what he had when he was a part of One Direction.

In one of the verses of “Strip That Down,” he says, “You know, I used to be in 1D / Now I’m out, free / People want me for one thing / That’s not me.”

What better way to throw off a boy band image by starring in a brutal horror movie! Liam’s new look and attitude would fit perfectly in a slasher movie like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street.

He’s only 23 years old, so he’s still young enough by Hollywood standards to play a teenager. He would be a perfect addition to a horror movie ensemble.

Zayn Malik

Zayn has an intensity and seriousness that some of the other former-One Direction members lack. That intensity could easily lend itself to the demands of a spy or action movie. It’s not hard to imagine Zayn doing his own stunts, performing choreographed fight scenes, wearing tailored suits, and taking on enemies in an intricately plotted spy-thriller.

With the new Bond movie now in development, he would be a perfect fit for one of James Bond’s allies or enemies. If the director of John Wick and Atomic Blonde is looking for a new leading man, Zayn could be a good choice.

Zayn also has the charisma to pull of a role like this. Sure, he could handle the dark and serious side of the story, but he also has a winning smile and a enchanting demeanor that would provide necessary depth to any character.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis is the oldest member of the former boy band and he’s also a father to a newborn. Those characteristics set him apart and definitely make him more viable for older roles. Like Niall, Louis has a bright personality that’s full of charm and humor. His disposition makes him apt for a romantic comedy.

Romantic comedies demand actors to walk a fine line between funny and earnest – the audience needs to be able to laugh at the characters, but also empathize with their feelings and struggle. Everything we know about Louis makes him appear like a suitable choice for this genre.

He can fluctuate between serious and comedic with ease and he has a very flirty attitude. It’s easy to imagine him in a quirky rom-com trying to win over his love interest against all odds in the midst of a big city.

What movies would you like to see the members of One Direction star in?

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