10:00 am EDT, June 5, 2018

Quiz: What kind of ‘Sense8’ fan are you?

Discover your role in the cluster.

Like any cluster, this fandom is filled with different types of people who enjoy Sense8 in different ways. What kind of Sense8 fan are you?

The Sense8 finale special is only days away, and our beloved show is coming to an end (or is it? some of us still have hope for a third season, against all odds). The past three years have been an amazing time for us as a fandom, waiting on baited breath for every season and special we got, and constantly being blown away by just how amazing Sense8 can be.

As we get closer to having to say goodbye, every fan is reacting to the end in a different way. Some are still hopeful that the show has a chance of being revived, or being picked up by another network. Others have accepted that this is the finale, and are getting ready to have a good cry about the end. Others are just dying to know what will happen to Wolfgang, and will we have a wedding?

Every person in this fandom has had a part to play and a lot to offer. So here’s a quiz to find out what kind of fan you are, and be proud!

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But no matter how different our approaches to the show are, we all have one thing in common: we love Sense8, and we’ve fought to make a finale happen — and that’s worth celebrating. No matter where you are in the world, or how you came to know this show, you’re a valuable part of this community, and it’s been an honor to share the fandom with you.

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