It’s a girl’s dream come true: Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed what it’d be like to sleep with Sherlock.

Viewers of Sherlock know that the character played by Cumberbatch is extremely calculated and always executes his tasks perfectly because, well, he’s perfect.

Cumberbatch decided to do a favor for Sherlock – and his countless fans – by offering a wonderfully detailed answer to the question of what the detective would be like if you had sex with him.

“Oooh… You know I’d get the, I’d probably test the latex, if it involved prophylactics, beforehand,” Cumberbatch mused to ELLE UK. “I’d do a little experiment to do with durability, length, girth, and um, strength. And um, I would probably take a lot of vitamin supplements to make sure that I could perform, and had had my sleep, and probably not had many cigarettes. Or drink, for that matter. Not that he does drink.”

He continued, “I would probably watch a lot of porn… I might have to shave, um, areas to fit in with a modern idea of bodily hair.

“And then I would be devastating. I’d know exactly how to please a woman, I’d know exactly where to put my fingers, where to put my tongue, where to put my – his I should say – his fingers, his tongue. Think about violinists, think about what they can do with their fingers.

“And I’d know exactly how to get that person into it, and get pleasure out of making that person feel pleasure to the point that I probably wouldn’t even have to enter…

“But when I did it would be explosive.”

Wow. Talk about honesty. Will Steven Moffat read this and get some fan service ideas for series 4? It seems inevitable, honestly, that we see Sherlock get with a woman (or Watson – can it be Watson?) at some point in the future.

Sherlock series 4 begins filming next year. We expect the show to premiere at the end of 2015 or early 2016.

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