Facebook continues rolling out Stories, their second Snapchat ripoff

...Or third if you count Instagram Stories.

11:09 am EDT, March 15, 2017

If you thought Facebook’s only response to Snapchat was last week’s launch of Messenger Day, guess again: We now have a feature called Facebook Stories.

Facebook’s standalone messaging app launched a Snapchat clone called Messenger Day last week, which the social network described as a way to speak with friends rather than just posting about yourself. One would’ve assumed that they’d stop there, as it’s already become a chore to update stories across Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger Day.

But no! Today they’re opening up Facebook Stories, another Snapchat ripoff that sits right at the top of the News Feed on mobile, to more countries.

What is Facebook Stories?

First tested in Ireland, Stories is rolling out to more countries on March 15. It boasts Snapchat-like features including lenses and filters. Photos and videos disappear after 24 hours just like they do on the other apps. And yes, you can send nudes directly to friends which self destruct.

Facebook-owned Instagram’s Stories feature has already caught up to Snapchat in terms of active users (over 150 million) after launching in August 2016. Yet another story service, this time being added to the massively popular Facebook app, will surely be another blow to Snap. Their growth began to slow in late 2016 once Instagram launched their competitor.

I’ve personally avoided using Instagram Stories and last week’s Messenger Day because I think Snapchat still has the best features (and they’re the original!). That said, I’ll seriously consider using Facebook Stories since their app is *the* biggest of them all.

Facebook previously tried to purchase Snapchat for $3 billion several years ago but the company turned the offer down. In response, Facebook launched a crappy Snapchat clone called Poke, which failed quickly.

Facebook Stories appears to be rolling out worldwide today, though the social network has yet to make an official announcement.

Which of these apps are you using?

Edit: This story originally said Facebook’s new feature was rolling out worldwide today, which is incorrect. It’s rolling out to several more countries today, March 15.

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