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Featured web series: ‘2040’ hilariously parodies Kickstarter campaigns

Hypable aims to feature outstanding web series from around the world. This week it’s the mockumentary-style comedy series 2040.

Launched in April 2014, 2040 is a web series about three budding movie makers who launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund their romantic indie flick titled, well, 2040.

Indeed, when you first open episode 1, chances are you’ll think you’ve accidentally clicked onto the actual film’s Kickstarter campaign video, and continue to search for the real episode 1, before realising that the characters themselves are actually urging you to pledge to a campaign which doesn’t exist.

Starring its own creators Brendan Fitzgibbons, Hailey Giles, and Arturo Castro (as themselves), you’re never sure where fiction ends and reality begins – and that’s kind of the point.

“I mean, how autobiographical is life?” Main character Brendan replies when an off-screen interviewer asks him how closely the fictional web series follows his fictional (or is it?!) life.

The show draws inspiration from mainstream mockumentary sitcoms like Arrested Development, The Office, Modern Family and Parks and Recreation.

And of course we can’t forget what must be a big source of inspiration as well, Scrubs star and notable Kickstarter user Zach Braff, whose posters are plastered all over the main characters’ apartment.

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Fans of this parodic, self-aware brand of comedy won’t be let down by 2040 – the lighting, editing, sound design and pacing are all top notch, and the awkward pauses and cold cuts are spot on for the genre.

The series is also full of witty, snappy dialogue, which is not only well written, but delivered masterfully by its lead actors (particularly noteworthy is Hailey Giles, though all three are stellar).

And like all good parodies, 2040 has a lot more to offer than empty laughs: there is a real story brewing underneath the comedy elements, and we are presented with real, relatable characters who we want to get to know better. Plus, 2040 gets the Kickstarter craze spot on, perfectly capturing the feeling of struggling artists who realise that they can actually get strangers to give them money on the internet.

“To have such stirring work created by a semi-autistic man is nothing short of incredible,” Hailey assures us. “…I’m not autistic!” comes the exasperated response from Brendan. And with that, we’re hooked.

Watch the first episode below:

Teasing future episodes, co-creator Adam Rothfeld (who does not appear on screen) tells The Huffington Post that while the trio may have secured the money for their film, their struggles are far from over.

Now, they need to bring Hollywood producers to the project, after which, “It slowly turns into a futuristic Michael Bay action flick set in the year 2040.”

Tell us what you think of the first episode! Will you be checking out the rest of the show?

The second episode of 2040 is set to be released later this month. Episode 3 will also begin shooting soon, according to co-creator Brendan Fitzgibbons.

Hypable will be featuring lots of other great web series in the future, both of the popular and the lesser known variety! Got any suggestions for shows you want us to cover? Share them in the comments!

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