Jeff Baker, Warner Home Video’s EVP and GM of theatrical catalog, participated in an interview with Home Media Magazine and revealed some interesting thoughts behind Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection.

They confirmed that, like the Certificate of Authenticity suggested, there will only be 63,000 copies of the massive box set made available. Pre-orders are in the “tens of thousands” and once this set runs out they won’t be doing a second run. “In order to make an event out of it and to make it special for people to want to step up and buy it and commit to the type of investment that was required, we felt that it didn’t make sense just to make some ungodly number and sell it forever,” said Baker, “We wanted to make it a special one-time purchase opportunity.

It was also revealed that “a less robust, more cost-effective version of the boxed set” will be made available once the big box set runs out.

As for the price, which has long been criticized ($499.99 retail), Baker said “there is a high-end market for a franchise like this. I can’t say that every film would elicit that kind of response, where people are paying hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. That’s still a lot of money to spend in a marketplace where you can buy a DVD at Walmart for $5.”

He continued, “clearly it’s for somebody who likes the whole notion of the complete repository of everything that ever existed on ‘Harry Potter’ — that, frankly, is ever going to be released on ‘Harry Potter,’ as far as I’m concerned. This is the definitive collection with everything in it. This is about as good as it’s going to get.”

Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection will be released September 7.

Thanks to Home Media Magazine.

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