7:59 am EST, March 3, 2015

Watch: Neil Patrick Harris is a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ superfan

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Neil Patrick Harris reminds us all to tone down our fandom obsession level in a hilarious new Funny or Die skit.

It’s always hard to grow up, and not just because your bones get stiffer and your metabolism starts slowing down.

The things you love as a child are inevitably revived or rebooted for a new generation, and you have to watch kids take over the things you used to love, never appreciating them like you did.

Of course it beats the alternative: never letting go of your passion for Thomas the Tank Engine and yelling at a bunch of kids who clearly don’t love it as much as you do.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris lose his cool and proclaim himself the superior “Tankie” in this new Funny or Die video:

Harris tries to catch the children out with insanely hard trivia questions, but they end up dubbing him “Diesel 10,” after the old grumpy steam engine. Steam then shoots out of his ears, because of course it does.

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So, fess up: were you a Tankie?

Don’t forget that Neil Patrick Harris’ upcoming variety show is due to launch this fall on NBC!

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