Glee’s Darren Criss surprised fans last night by tweeting out a link to Hanson’s livestreamed band rehearsal, where he just so happened to be paying a visit to his favorite band, and he even jumped up to sing backing vocals on a new track!

You can watch the fifteen-minute livestream with Hanson below, or if you’re pressed for time, check out this video that a fan created showcasing just Darren Criss’ appearance.

According to Zac Hanson, posting on the band’s official Twitter, the livestream was intended to be a special “members-only” event for Hanson’s very dedicated fan club, but – perhaps luckily for us! – technical issues ended up making only a public livestream possible.

Upon “breaking in” to the rehearsal, Darren plays up his extreme fannishness and his fifteen years of “stalking” the band, but he and the Hanson brothers lampshade the set-up of Darren’s arrival and performance rather sardonically, poking a little fun at Glee along the way. Darren then joined the band to perform their upcoming single “Get The Girl Back,” from their new album Anthem, set to be released in June. “Get The Girl Back” will be officially released on April 9, but you can watch the music video for the song now.

Darren has spoken out about his passion for the band before, most notably in this behind-the-scenes Glee video.

Any people who know me know that I love Hanson. I will shout it to the mountain tops, they’re a fantastic band. I have aIl seven of their albums, I’ve seen them more than any band I’ve ever seen. They’re incredible and any time people make fun of Hanson I’m always like “Well, why don’t you make a better Motown record when you’re eleven, and get back to me.” Cause they were like motown/soul when they were, like, kids. That was cool, it’s like what Michael Jackson did.

Darren and Hanson both had the opportunity to work on the same project – the music video for Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” – in 2011, and despite his earnest fanboying, Darren seems to be on very friendly terms with his favorite band. The livestream hangout contains much teasing and joking from both parties, as well as a vehement explanation from Darren to the audience that his stalking comment was a joke.

After the livestream ended, Darren tweeted out his joy about accomplishing one of his life goals, to which Taylor had a slightly sassy reply:

What did you think of this little incident? Would you like to see Darren Criss officially collaborate with Hanson, at a live show or on a record?

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