An emotional episode of The Walking Dead aired last Sunday on AMC, and it has left us with a lot of questions. We’re not sure if we’ll get the answers anytime soon, but one question we have to ask is: What happened to Carol?

Warning: Spoilers from Sunday’s episode, “Killer Within.”

When T-Dog sacrificed himself to walkers so Carol could escape from a hoard inside the prison, we assumed that she made it out fine. After that, we didn’t see her again in the entire rest of the episode, but when Rick, Daryl, and Oscar were making their way back outside, they found her scarf next to T-Dog’s mutilated, zombie-ravaged body.

Does that mean that Carol met her end, too? Could she have been caught by a walker on her way to the door?

Carol on The Walking Dead

We’re not entirely sure of the answer to this question, but on Talking Dead Sunday night, Gale Anne Hurd hinted that Carol might have, in fact, died. On the show, she seemed like she didn’t want to give too much away though, so maybe she’s just messing with us.

In a sneak peek video for “Say the Word” that we posted yesterday, we saw Glenn digging a grave just outside of the prison, and he told Oscar and Axel that he needed two more.

So three graves would be T-Dog, Lori, and presumably Carol. As we asked before, why would they dig a grave with no body? As of last episode, we didn’t have a body for Carol, just the scarf.

Have they found her body by the time Glenn starts digging graves?

We have a feeling that Carol might show up later, perhaps when they’re having a funeral for the dearly departed. Or maybe we’ll have another Sophia situation like in season 2. If they’re digging a grave for Carol, though, they probably won’t be looking for her.

What do you think happened to Carol?

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