When we last saw Rick Grimes, he had run off on his own to go on a walker killing spree. In this Walking Dead sneak peek, he checks back in on Carl and the rest of his group. Spoilers ahead.

You would think that, despite Lori’s death, Rick would feel some sort of need to care for his newborn child. Apparently not. Since the baby’s birth, Rick has never even held his new little baby girl, and though we’re not sure of the time frame here, it’s been at least a couple of days since she was born.

We also would like to see Rick comfort his son, Carl, who ended up being the one to kill the zombie version of his mom. We know Carl is a tough kid (no more “kid stuff”), but that has to be hard on anyone. Shouldn’t Rick be there to at least spend some time with his son?

In the comics, Rick gets upset because Carl shows such a stony demeanor, and blames himself for Carl’s loss of childlike attributes. Will the TV version of Rick show the same concerns? We don’t expect to see anything soon.

Also in the comics, Lori lives through the baby’s birth, but they later both die when shot down by the Governor’s cronies. Will we ever see Rick care for the child, since he is determined to bring the group hope, or will he ignore her as someone else who is just going to die?

This Walking Dead sneak peek from AMC shows us that Rick is still very much in a dark place and struggling to deal with Lori’s death. He pops in on the group, who haven’t seen him in awhile, and barely shows Carl any love when he says his reason for stopping by was to check on Carl. Does being alone and killing walkers feel cathartic to Rick?

Will he be okay after this?

We hope so. This has to just be a way for Rick to deal with his grief, and to some extent, his guilt over Lori’s death. Once a real threat presents itself again, we think Rick will be back to his own self. He’ll probably be even more ruthless.

What do you think of Rick isolating himself from the group?

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