3:55 pm EDT, March 13, 2014

Hypable’s ‘Veronica Mars’ Drinking Game

Call your favorite Dick and grab the nearest hog: it’s time to party like it’s 2005.

It’s finally time, Marshmallows. We spent seven years sifting through the Neptune sands for clues. We called for Backup. We trashed a few cars. We kicked and we started and finally this weekend we get to see our efforts come to fruition on the big screen. We’ve waited too long.

And we’ve gotten thirsty.

To help quench the last few Veronica Mars-less hours until the long-awaited release, Hypable’s been providing you with some fun articles throughout the week, and now it’s time to embrace the show’s tropes we’ve come to expect and love by bringing out our Veronica Mars inspired drinking game.

So whether you’re marathoning all 64 episodes in anticipation of the release, or drinking along to the movie, this Veronica Mars drinking game’s going to leave you swearing your undying love at the end of alterna-prom night. Because, no question about it, our love for Veronica Mars is epic.


Woah. Better watch yourself, Danielle. Here comes me and my hog.

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After much too long a wait, the Veronica Mars movie will be released tomorrow, March 14 in the United States and select countries.

How are you celebrating the release of ‘Veronica Mars’?

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