It’s less than a week until our favorite creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky holiday of the year! But don’t let this year’s weekday Halloween give you a case of the Mondays -— Hypable’s got you covered with a list of 10 “undercover” costumes that are perfect whether you’re studying at school or working in the office. So feel free to let your spooky spirit secretly fly this Halloween! Your boss will be none the wiser…

Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Leia’s look is as classic as her character, but while her cinnamon buns are iconic, you’re going to need something just a little bit more subtle if you’re going to bypass your boss’ curious looks. Instead of large and wide buns over your ears, let two smaller, tighter buns sit on the back of your head. To top off the look, just put on a white dress and you’ll be ready for another rebel mission… or another Monday at the office.

Would you rather wear pants? Pull on a puffer vest and rock that pretty braid crown — you’ll feel like you’re freezing on Hoth with a bickering scoundrel in no time.

Han Solo

Han Solo

Speaking of scruffy-looking Nerf Herders, fall brings out the inner Han Solo cosplayer in all of us as we strap on our vests and pull boots on over our skinny jeans. To complete the look, just add a brown belt and white, long-sleeve v-neck.

Daredevil/Matt Murdock


The nice thing about superheroes is that for whatever reason they always seem to feel compelled to keep their day job. As an attorney, Matt Murdock is required to keep his look business-formal, so you can keep it classy at work too with a suit and some sweet shades.

Superman/Clark Kent

Clark Kent Superman

Your secret identity will never be surrendered as you hide your Superman tee beneath some Clark Kent spectacles and a classic suit.

Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt

Don the floral prints and bring a backpack to work! Top off the look with a yellow cardigan and fuchsia pants.

The ‘Inside Out’ Emotions

Inside Out

Feeling a little blue that Halloween is on a Monday? Try on Sadness’ turtleneck sweater and circular specs. Disgusted with the idea of having to hide your passion for Halloween just because it’s a workday? Flaunt a cute, green, fit and flare dress with a purple scarf! Panicking that your costume may not be work-appropriate? Try Fear’s checkered vest with a maroon bow tie.



Our favorite water-bender is cute as a button and you will be too with a baby blue dress and white belt to represent the resilient Water Tribe. Finish off Zuko’s Aang’s #forevergirl look with Katara’s traditional braid.



The ’90s are back in a big way, so lucky for you, nobody will have any reason to question your fashionable (and work-appropriate!) plaid skirt suits. Headband and/or beret optional.

The Recess Gang


The best thing about Recess is that there’s something for everyone. Feeling sporty? Wear a basketball jersey and yellow wrist sweatbands like Vince! How about geeky and glamorous? Gretchen rocks a blue dress, pink belt, and pearls. Spinelli sets off her stylish red dress with a leather jacket, combat boots, and a tough as nails attitude. Meanwhile, Gus goes all-green even when tucking his collared shirt into his pants, while Mikey keeps it simple with khakis. And charismatic T.J. keeps it casual with a slouchy green jacket, jeans, and red sneakers.

Princess Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts

princess bride

Fencing, fighting, true love, and miracles! Experience the magic of the Princess Bride by donning a red dress and tying a gold belt around your waist. The daring and dashing Wesley steals the show in an all-black ensemble.

These are just a few “undercover” costumes that you can create so that you can secretly spend your Halloween Monday partaking in the holiday festivities. Get more great ideas at places like DisneyBound, or branch out to adapt your own!

How will you be spending your Halloween Monday?

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