Jane the Virgin‘s very own, Gina Rodriguez confirmed the exciting news today, via Twitter. Plus, we think we know who he might be playing!

This is very exciting news for Posey and all his fans. He will be joining the CW telenovela in a recurring role in season 4. This will be Tyler’s first television project following the ending of his current series, Teen Wolf, which will air its final episodes this summer.

Following Rodriguez’s announcement, the speculation on who Posey will play has already begun. All we know for now is that Posey will make his debut in the season three finale before showing up again next fall. At which time, he will be portray a very important person from Jane’s past.

The clues to who that might be have already begun to surface in the episodes currently airing. Last week, during the cold open, the narrator mentioned a few different things about Jane’s love life and romantic history. This included the statement that “It should be noted that Jane Gloria Villanueva had been passionately in love with exactly three men.” We as fans already know of two for certain. Michael Cordero, who died tragically midway through season 3, and Rafael Solano, the paternal father of Jane’s son, Mateo.

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As for the first however, the narrator said, “The first was . . . *record scratch* Actually, I am not ready to introduce him yet.”

It is not a lot to go off of. In fact, it is practically nothing. The season 4 finale is still seven episodes away and it seems strange that the narrator would tease such an important character so early in advance. That being said, the narrator also teased Michael’s death very early on when he said that he would love her until the day he died. The argument could go in either direction. At this point, however, it seems very likely that Tyler Posey will be playing Jane’s first love. Which would make even more sense considering the emotional arc Jane is climbing as she tries to find room in her life for romance again.

What do you think? Is Tyler Posey playing Jane’s first love?

Jane the Virgin returns from a short hiatus in two weeks on April 24 with “Chapter Sixty.”

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