2:45 pm EST, July 14, 2015

Official ‘Twilight’ short films released! Watch all 7 online

The Twilight series returns in a big way thanks to these great short films.

By Andrew Sims | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

The official Twilight short film contest has now reached its big day! The 7 finalist’s videos have been released online.

Lionsgate, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, and actress Kristen Stewart all backed this short film contest in which female fans could write and potentially direct their ideas with budgets up to $50,000 a piece provided by sponsors. The completed projects are all now online for your viewing pleasure.

We checked out the seven projects and were very impressed by all of them. Each was shot and edited professionally, helping the Twilight series live on in an exciting new way.

Below are links to each film as well as each story’s synopsis and director.

We’ve Met Before: Alice and Jasper meet for the first time…or so it would seem. As the conversation evolves, the history of their true and everlasting love is coyly revealed. Directed by Yulin Kuang.

Masque: After her transformation, Esme’s struggle to overcome her craving for human blood is only intensified by the painful memories of her tragedy-ridden past. In Masque, Carlisle helps Esme find hope for the future…and maybe even a family. Directed by Cate Carson.

The Mary Alice Brandon File: Set as a moody period drama with a pinch of Gothic mystery, The Mary Alice Brandon File explores Alice’s resilient spirit as her dark past is revealed. Directed by Kailey and Samantha Spear.

Sunrise: Terrified that his own special power has caused so much harm, Benjamin turns away from the world. Sunrise details Benjamin’s return to his human roots, where he can no longer hide from the girl that stole his heart long ago. Directed by Amanda Tasse.

Consumed: Consumed is the emotional story of Jane’s past. Like her brother Alec, Jane was always “special,” but in their quaint hamlet, their specialness inspires scorn and has terrible consequences until a mysterious stranger comes along and takes an unusual interest in them. Directed by Maja Fernqvist.

Turncoats: Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, Turncoats explores the characters and events that forged Garrett and Carlisle’s enduring friendship. Directed by Lindsey Hancock Williamson.

The Groundskeeper: In The Groundskeeper, Alice and her fearless confidante grapple with the grave choices they are forced to make when a unique kind of hunter has Alice in his sights. Directed by Nicole Eckenroad.

Which ‘Twilight’ short film is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments, and vote for your favorite here. The grand prize winner will receive a $100,000 prize, with the other winners all receiving big amounts of cash as well.

The finalists all met Meyer and Stewart last month at an event in Los Angeles where they received plaques for their work:


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