Chris Weitz, best known for writing and directing for the big screen, has now taken on a new project, writing for young adults.  Little, Brown announced today that the have bought Chris Weitz’ trilogy, The Young World.

It might just be coincidence, but Little, Brown is also the publisher for the Twilight Saga for which Weitz directed New Moon.  Either way it will be interesting to see what Weitz has for the young adult market.

From Deadline:

Chris Weitz’ new venture is a novel, The Young World, described as “the first in an epic, post-apocalyptic trilogy” due in Spring 2014.  The story is set in New York City following a catastrophy that kills everyone but teenagers. They must learn to survive in a world with no heat, running water, TV, video games, phones or Internet — and no authority figures. “These young survivors experience combat, romance, and post-apocalyptic nostalgia for a pop culture and technology they entirely took for granted,” Weitz says.

What do you think of Chris Weitz writing a young adult novel? What do you think about the concept of the book?

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