The wicked Sarah Newlin will share her family with viewers during True Blood season 7 this summer.

E! Online reports that a few Newlin family members will appear in the final season of the HBO vampire drama when it premieres in a few months. The new characters are Amber Crabtree, who is “Sarah’s angry and bitter gothed-out sister,” Sarah’s “socialite” mother Nancy, and her father Paul, who is described as “a dead ringer for Dr. Phil.”

The report describes the new additions as a “dysfunctional” family. We’re going to love seeing pretty, blonde Sarah interacting with her sister who will probably be the polar opposite in terms of appearance.

Sarah Newlin first appeared on True Blood during season 2 with her husband Steve, then didn’t appear on the show again until season 6. She set up a vampire concentration camp and is the enemy who Lilith speaks of.

The Newlin family isn’t the only new cast of characters coming to True Blood’s final episodes. Nathan Parsons will portray James (the role was recast), Riley Smith will play a love interest for a certain somebody, and Amelia Rose Blaire and Bailey Noble have been promoted to series regulars. Plus, Lafayette is getting a new boyfriend.

We’re hoping that the final episodes stay focused on the core characters rather than spending too much time on new faces. Since this will be the send off season, we hope to see everyone get a fitting farewell.

True Blood premieres this summer on HBO, and the first episode will be directed by lead star Stephen Moyer (who plays Bill Compton). Speaking of the actor, he says he’s not so sure that Bill and Sookie can get back together. Sad.

Thanks, E! Online.

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