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‘Too Hard to Resist’ by Robin Bielman review: Come for the romance, stay for the driven heroine

By Sonya Field | Edited by Brandi Delhagen

Too Hard to Resist by Robin Bielman, the third book in the Wherever You Go series, is a forbidden office romance that continues the theme of strong and independent heroines.

About ‘Too Hard to Resist’ by Robin Bielman:

One rookie assistant + one demanding executive = flirting that is too hot to handle.

Have you ever wished for the perfect job? Me, too. So when I land a temporary gig with a worthwhile and exemplary startup, I’m determined to make it permanent. That my boss is the gorgeous, clever Elliot Sax is nothing I can’t handle. We may steal glances at each other and straddle the line of playing it safe, but our partnership is too important for complications. Not to mention workplace hookups are against the rules.

But when our attraction flames hotter, our best efforts are put to the test. I never imagined having to fight my feelings for him on a daily basis and keeping my hands to myself is absolutely killing me.

Until I can’t. Until we can’t. And what’s at stake becomes more than our jobs. What’s at risk is our hearts.

‘Too Hard to Resist’ by Robin Bielman review:

I’ve been a big fan of the Wherever You Go series, so of course I was very eager to read Too Hard to Resist. I desperately loved both of the first books in the series, Talk British to Me and Lips Close to Mine. For me, Too Hard to Resist wasn’t as strong as the other books in this series, however, it was still an enjoyable read.

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The best part about this book was the heroine Madison Hastings, who went through a very tough breakup previously in the series. Instead of letting it break her, though, Madison jumps back into the dating scene and goes after a new career. At first, it seems like she’s having a lot of bad luck. Her dates are lack-luster and she ends up at a temp job working for a mutual friend Elliot.

Madison and Elliot end up having a lot of chemistry at work — too much chemistry. They work great together, but there’s something about Madison that drives Elliot crazy too. Despite knowing that he shouldn’t be attracted to her Elliot can’t seem to help himself.

There are several obstacles standing in their way though. For one, there is a no fraternization policy at their company. Elliot and Madison would risk their jobs if they decided to act on their feelings and got caught. Secondly, Elliot gets warned off by Mateo to stay away from Madison because of everything she went through with her ex-fiance.

And most importantly, Elliot can’t seem to make up his mind about what he wants which totally puts Madison off.

Honestly, I thought that I would like Elliot a lot more than I did. He was likeable enough in the rest of the series. But when it came down to it in Too Hard to Resist, I had some issues with Elliot. I didn’t really like the way he messed with Madison’s head, even if it was unintentional. He kept reminding her that they couldn’t be together, and then would be chasing off her other dates.

I also didn’t like the way he put his own career above Madison’s in the beginning. Yes, he worked really hard for his job but the way that he was so easy to put himself over her bugged me. Eventually he does make up for this bad behavior but it still rubbed me the wrong way, especially during the #MeToo era. I think the book would have been much better off if Elliot had been more considerate.

However, I did like that Madison ended up figuring out what she wanted to do for the rest of her career — and it didn’t include Elliot. In the end, Madison didn’t need Elliot to save her and proves that she can take the initiative to make her own dreams happen. The whole Wherever You Go series is full of empowering women, and that’s undoubtedly the best part about it.

So while I don’t think Too Hard to Resist is the strongest novel in the series, it’s still worth checking out.

Too Hard to Resist by Robin Bielman is available now! Order your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or Kobo. And don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

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