9:25 am EDT, April 5, 2018

Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley film ‘Chaos Walking’ gets major reshoots

The big screen adaptation of Patrick Ness’ YA hit, Chaos Walking is undergoing massive reshoots, but stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley’s schedules might prove problematic.

Anymore, it’s not terribly uncommon to hear that a major motion picture is undergoing reshoots. While reshoots were once regarded as the symbol of a bad movie, more and more big-budget films actually budget in time and funds for reshoots. So on its own, the fact that Chaos Walking is set to have reshoots isn’t terribly surprising or concerning.

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However, the timing of these reshoots is a bit out of the ordinary. Though principal photography ended on the film back in November of 2017 and the reshoots are only scheduled to take a few weeks, they aren’t set to happen until the end of 2018 or early 2019.

The reason is, of course, that Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland are a teensy bit busy these days. Both Holland and Ridley are booked up for the summer months shooting the new Spider-Man movie and Star Wars Episode: IX, respectively. Because of that, the date for finishing up Chaos Walking has been set back a great deal further.

If the stars aren’t able to finish up the film until early 2019, that will be an incredibly tight turnaround to make the movie’s March 2019 release date. According to The Hollywood Reporter, insiders are expecting the release date to shift, though Lionsgate has made no official comment.

It’s not surprising that a released date shift could be in the works. After all, Lionsgate has spent nearly $100 million on this film, and hopes that Chaos Walking will launch a new franchise that can stand out in a sea of superhero movies, sequels, and reboots. Making sure they give the studio enough time to make the movie the right way seems to make sense for such a big investment.

Of course, without an official comment from Lionsgate, the release date drama is nothing more than rumors. We’ll have to see if the release date is officially impacted by the reshoots, or if we can still plan on seeing this new, science fiction thriller in March of 2019.

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