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‘Timeless’: ‘The King of the Delta Blues’ sang a lot of high notes, maybe a few sour ones

By Shana O'Neil | Edited by Karen Rought

I’d like to preface this entire article with a couple of statements because I’m kinda new around here (Yay!) and I’m a little miffed with Timeless right now because of certain events related to Lucy, Wyatt, Wyatt’s newly alive wife Jessica, and the team’s newly converted Flynn.

First off, I love Timeless. I was on board from the moment I learned that Eric Kripke was involved. I was deeply involved in the efforts to renew Timeless and I happy danced all over the place when it went from canceled to renewed over the course of roughly 72 hours.

Secondly, I still 100% support the show and will continue to do so.

All of that said, Timeless season 2, episode 6 did a few things that make me nervous when it comes to my aforementioned concerns. It also took on one of my favorite musical legends: Robert Johnson and his trip to the Crossroads. When you do a story about the King of the Delta Blues, you know you’ll end up feeling all right.

The Good

The whole Robert Johnson storyline. If you don’t know the legend, this episode was a great encapsulation of both Johnson’s life as a musician and the legacy of his music. If you are familiar with Johnson’s famed deal with the Devil and how his music inspires musicians to this day, it’s fascinating to consider the ripple effect his death would cause if the records never got made. The effects of time changes are what make Timeless so interesting.

“Get some clothes, steal a car.” Lucy and Rufus really do have it down to a science, don’t they?

The Very Good

Connor Mason. Paterson Joseph has been so good in the role, but you have to admit, Mason’s not easy to warm up to. Or he hasn’t been up until now. I mean, he was in bed with Rittenhouse and he’s fairly responsible for the mess everyone’s in now that Rittenhouse has the Mothership. But this episode? Joseph finally got to loosen up. Connor Mason as Robert Johnson fanboy is my new favorite Connor Mason. Mason’s life and experience make him the perfect person for this mission — how is he the only one who gets the importance of Robert Johnson? Philistines indeed!

The music and music history here were such a delight. Did Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, Son House, and Muddy Waters all hang out? Who knows. But Johnson’s history is varied and scattered enough that it’s possible, and Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan are all about the “what if’s?” when it’s appropriate. In this case, it’s, to quote the Mythbusters, plausible.

Solo mission Wyatt. If you’re going to give a character a Delta Force background, especially with an actor like Matt Lanter, put it to use. I’m all for more Wyatt Logan kicking ass in any timeline.

The Worrisome

This show is so close to giving us a relationship that actually works in the form of Jiya and Rufus, except for the whole secrecy and discomfort things about Jiya’s visions. As much as I love Supernatural (and I do, believe me), one of the things that drives me up a tree is every time the Winchester brothers don’t come clean about some thought or feeling, especially after they’ve had a heart to heart about not doing that. While Jiya finally told Rufus about her vision (which is NOT a good one), we don’t know if this sort of honesty will continue. Fingers crossed.

Also, regarding her visions, Rufus is a scientist. How hasn’t he formulated a theory yet that Jiya’s seeing the future because of what happened in the Lifeboat? Am I just being nitpicky here? You can totally tell me.

The More Worrisome

Last week’s episode dealt with the elephant in the room when it comes to Jessica being back AND I’m genuinely happy that, thus far, Lucy and Jessica are actually getting along. It’s nice to see a situation in which two women are dealing with feelings for the same man and they’re not at odds with one another.* But it also puts Lucy in a really weird position of having done absolutely nothing wrong and having opened up her heart and then having to be the brave and understanding one.

I’m not sure if Abigail Spencer and Matt Lanter just had an undeniable chemistry so the showrunners had to deal with it and then get back to Wyatt’s unresolved wife situation and Lucy’s predestined by her journal relationship with Flynn OR if they planned all of this from the beginning. But I feel like Lucy got a really bad deal here and it feels a little ship-baiting for Lyatt fans. So, yeah, worried.

The SERIOUSLY Worrisome

This is where all that prefacing I did at the beginning of this article comes into play. So please understand that I say this not as a slam but as a concern.

Lucy’s late night vodka and side trip with said vodka to Flynn’s room sent up a red flag, y’all. Lucy drinking because she’s unhappy is already a sign that DRAMA is coming, but heading for Flynn with a bottle in one hand and a wounded heart in the other is a possible recipe for drunken “make me feel something other than pain” sex that can only make her feel worse in the morning. Granted, it could be part one of that theory, but Flynn stops it and now he’s the white knight, which puts him closer to his goal of getting Lucy into whatever relationship she’s looking to be in.

On the Bright Side

There’s an option that avoids the obvious tropes, handles the Flynn/Lucy relationship, and doesn’t make Lucy the broken-hearted woman. So I’m gonna spitball it.

Lucy does get drunk and maybe she and Flynn kiss but she catches herself and realizes it’s a bad idea. Instead, she decides that a) she has a job to do, b) Flynn and the diary may help, c) she has a sister to get back, and d) being bummed about a dude doesn’t help make any of those things happen.

Fingers crossed.

Current Theories and Questions

Jessica is Rittenhouse. Full credit to Jennifer Heddle at Lucasfilm for giving me this one. I like it, especially if you’re on the Lyatt trail. No one minds waiting a while for a good ship if the wait is interesting and her being Rittenhouse would be interesting.

Flynn’s enamored with Lucy because of the diary. As events change, does the diary change?

Whatever happens, I’m sure I’ll have thoughts on it and I hope you’ll be back to share yours with me.

*I’ve never understood why the women on The Jerry Springer Show would get into physical fights and all sorts of trash talk with the other women in whatever triangle was happening. They never get mad at the dude who’s cheating. If someone is cheating on you, why take it out on the person they’re cheating with instead of the person doing the cheating?

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