‘Timeless’ 1×07: Rescued by geekdom

9:15 am EDT, November 22, 2016

Timeless did something different this week. Team Time didn’t have to rescue the present timeline from Garcia Flynn so much as they had to rescue themselves from Pre-Revolutionary America.

Putting aside differences

After last week’s revelation that Rufus had been recording the group and Lucy had cut her own deal to get her sister back, the team was broken. Their trust was shattered. Fortunately, there’s nothing that makes you focus more than being trapped together in 1754.

What was made more clear than ever, is that the team is their strongest — as a team. Wyatt even emphasizes the point to Rufus that despite all his skills as a trained member of what Rufus terms “Delta Force,” Delta Force is a team. Sheer brawn and military training is never going to, on its own, help the team.

In the end, their plan to get home relies on Lucy’s knowledge of history and languages, Wyatt’s strategy and military training, and Rufus’ creativity and resourcefulness.

Unanswered questions

What exactly Garcia Flynn and his minions accomplished in 1754 other than temporarily disabling Team Time’s ship is unclear. Was the sole purpose of the jump to 1754 to get Team Time to follow and to then ambush them? What or who was in 1754 in the woods outside of modern day Pittsburgh that Garcia Flynn needed? We only saw Flynn’s minions. The bigger question is did Flynn know what they did to Team Time’s ship?

Upon return, it doesn’t seem that time has substantially been altered other than Team Time’s ship being attributed as an early UFO sighting. Will other ripple effects later become apparent?

All we know for sure is that Garcia Flynn landed in modern Mexico upon his return, and his crew was gone by the time Agent Christopher’s team got there.

Never underestimate geek power

One of the best things about Timeless is that it doesn’t fall into stereotypes about people who are super intelligent and/or into geek culture. Neither Rufus nor Jiya wear glasses, dress oddly, have few friends, are totally socially awkward, or a myriad of other cliches.

Jiya and Rufus’ awkward yet not awkward relationship based around friendship and unrequited office romance ultimately saves the day. Jiya figures out what Rufus was trying to say with his Star Wars analogy in time to save Team Time.

Where do we go from here?

Aside from gratuitous placement of Chocodiles and the obligatory reference to TV shows of yesteryear, what will our team do next?

Rufus and Jiya are clearly closer together, which is great because Team Time needs an ally who is 100% on their side in the present.

Connor Mason is walking an interesting tightrope. He informs the Rittenhouse rep (A.K.A. Lucy’s father) that they seem overly interested in Lucy, and that Rittenhouse must have an ulterior motive to pick such an obscure historian to help them. On the other hand, he’s having trouble hiding the larger picture from Agent Christopher. She sets wheels in motion to spy on Mason to find out what’s going on.

Wyatt’s idea to have Rufus ditch the recorder is probably going to turn out all right. Given their being stranded predicament, Rittenhouse will likely buy that the recorder was lost in the group’s struggles to escape.

Wyatt and Lucy’s slow-burn chemistry continues. Neither is really invested in starting a new relationship and falling in love, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Our money is on this budding romance taking off, and then time being altered to have Wyatt’s wife back in the picture to complicate it all.

Timeless has three more episodes until it goes on winter hiatus, and an additional three episodes have been ordered by the network. Hopefully, more episode orders will follow to give this series a chance at renewal.

Were you happy that Jiya and Rufus are now an official couple on ‘Timeless’?

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