9:44 pm EST, August 15, 2011

Theory: ‘The Hunger Games’ teaser trailer could be released with ‘Abduction’

On yesterday’s new episode of Hypable’s Hunger Games Chat we started talking about when we could expect the teaser trailer for The Hunger Games.

Selina randomly threw out a date that coincidentally is the day Lionsgate’s Abduction will be hitting theaters: September 23rd. It got us thinking – COULD it be released with Abduction? It makes sense…

Let’s break down the reasons why this could work.

1) Abduction is a Lionsgate film just like The Hunger Games. Lionsgate could release the trailer with Abduction to help boost ticket sales. It’s a win-win: Lionsgate promotes their big upcoming film while also securing some extra Abduction money from The Hunger Games fans.

2) Taylor Lautner. He’s also the star of Twilight, which many in the media are (wrongly) connecting to The Hunger Games because of the ‘love triangle’. Lionsgate knows that many Twilight fans will be heading out to see Lautner in Abduction, and we know they want these viewers to go see The Hunger Games too.

3) By mid-September we’ll be exactly six months away from the release of The Hunger Games. That’s the perfect time for a teaser trailer to be out, and it’ll give us ample time to get a larger trailer a couple of months later.

4) It follows a very common trend in the movie industry: a studio will attach a trailer for their upcoming film onto one of their own. Warner Brothers and Summit have released Harry Potter and Twilight trailers with their own films.

So, do you think The Hunger Games teaser trailer will be released with Abduction? If we hear any official news we’ll be sure to let you know!

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