The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The world has fallen apart, but there’s still time for romance.

Glenn & Maggie: First kiss

Maggie and Glenn are probably the most universally loved ship in The Walking Dead fandom. Yet, there was a time when it looked like they were an odd pair to be put together. When they first met, Rick’s group was just barely hanging onto their invitation to stay at Hershel’s farm. If it wasn’t for Carl’s gun wound, Hershel definitely would have turned them away.

It was just by chance that Glenn and Maggie ended up together. Neither seemed to want to work together to go on a run, and yet when they were alone, sparks flew. Glenn was just as shocked about their hookup as fans probably were. The scene is probably most memorable for how awkward and cute they were then.

Though there were troubles along the way, Glenn and Maggie went on to be one of the strongest couples on the series. They were always there for one another and had an unbreakable bond.

Check out the scene from episode 2×04 below:

Carol & Daryl: Reunited after Terminus

In The Walking Dead season 4, Carol was shunned from the group by Rick after he learned she had killed two people from the prison group after they had fallen ill. Though she had done it with good intentions, Rick still didn’t think it would be right to keep her around.

After the prison community was destroyed by the Governor, Rick and his group were dispersed. Carol saw the fire from where she was staying and went looking for survivors. She was lucky to come across Tyreese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. They end up seeing the signs to Terminus and started to travel there with the kids.

Eventually Carol and Tyreese came across a resident of Terminus and it became clear that Rick and the group were being held there. So Carol went in alone and saved the group by allowing a herd of Walkers to overtake the guards. Once Carol was able to reunite with the group, Daryl was so over taken with emotion that he immediately ran up to her and couldn’t seem to let her go.

Although Daryl and Carol have never really been romantically linked, they’re definitely a popular ship among fans. They have an amazing bond, and because they have similar backgrounds of abuse they understand each other like no one else can.

Check out the scene from episode 5×01 below:

Rick & Michonne: First kiss

Fans have had to endure several seasons of Michonne and Rick being perfect for each other, and yet seeming to be oblivious to it. To be fair, Rick’s wife had just recently died when they first met. For a while, he was still seeing visions of her, and it was one of the first things he connected to with Michonne. She understood his grief and didn’t judge him for it.

Michonne grew to be one of Rick’s closest allies, not only did he trust her strength but he also trusted her advice. She wasn’t afraid to push Rick when he needed it, or tell him when he was wrong. From him, Michonne learned to love again — even if it was platonic at first. She’d had so much loss in her life that Michonne was closed off. Yet it wasn’t hard for her to grow to care about Rick, Carl, and Judith.

Once they were living together at Alexandria, Rick and Michonne grew even closer. They seemed to slowly become even more of a family, despite the fact that Rick and Michonne weren’t a couple yet. Until one night, when they finally had some peace and quiet after a long day things went from friendly to romantic very quickly!

After that, there was no denying that they were meant to be together. It only solidified what was obvious before, and now they seemed to officially be a family.

Check out the scene from episode 6×10 below:

Sasha & Abraham: ‘Come inside’

Sasha has faced some difficult losses since she was introduced on The Walking Dead in season 3. After the apocalypse, Sasha and Tyreese managed to survive by sticking together. However, when the group from the prison was separated Sasha found herself with Maggie and Bob instead of her brother. Sasha and Bob grew closer and even became a couple, until he fell victim to an attacked by the survivors of Terminus and a walker bite. Not too long later, Tyreese also died from a walker bite.

For a long time Sasha suffered with depression and didn’t seem to have the will to shrive any longer. Even once they arrived at Alexandria, Sasha sought opportunities to put her life in danger. It’s this struggle with living that first connected Sasha and Abraham, and eventually their friendship turned into something more.

Despite an obvious connection between the two, Sasha fought her emotions and pushed Abraham away. She didn’t want to get close to anyone, let alone become romantically involved with someone again. Yet, Abraham was able to wear her down in episode 6×14 with his unshakable determination to gain her love.


Enid & Carl: Carl’s first kiss ever

Carl has grown up before fans eyes on The Walking Dead so it feels slightly creepy to include him on this list. Still, there’s nothing sweeter than a first love, and for Carl his very first kiss. Enid didn’t seem to like Carl or his group at first when they came to Alexandria.

But Carl wore Enid down by never giving up on her. No matter how many times she tried to push him away, Carl was there to watch over her. They eventually became friends and even had some adventures together. And there’s nothing like watching two young kids falling for each other to remind you that life goes on despite the horrors around them.

Who knows what’s in store for these two going forward. Even if they don’t become a couple, we’ll always have their first adorable kiss.

Check out the scene from episode 7×05 below:

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