While shooting Conan in Atlanta the set gets invaded by The Walking Dead stars Michael Rooker and Melissa McBride seeking shelter. Their co-star Steven Yeun also dropped by to reveal what he does in his downtime in Atlanta.

While doing special taping in Atlanta this week, Conan O’Brien was invaded by The Walking Dead stars who film the zombie apocalypse drama in Georgia.

Michael Rooker and Melissa McBride try to hide from walkers in the Conan studio audience. They plead with O’Brien to let them stay saying that they’re good people. While they promise that he won’t even notice they’re there, the two accidentally attack his crew believing them to be walkers. One audience member also gets a surprise from Rooker that leaves O’Brien speechless.

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun appeared as a guest and revealed why he doesn’t have facial scruff like the other male cast members. Yeun explains that he once came onto set with facial hair grown out and was told by the makeup crew that it made him look like an a–hole. The actor also talks about his adventures at an infamous strip club in Atlanta known as the Clermont Lounge.

What was your favorite part from ‘The Walking Dead’ stars on ‘Conan’?

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