1:45 pm EDT, September 12, 2013

‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 extended sneak peek released: The prison begins to fall apart

AMC has released a new extended sneak peek from The Walking Dead season 4 showing how the safety of the prison begins to fall apart and just how threatening the walkers are becoming.

The new promo shows the time jump between The Walking Dead season 3 and season 4. It’s obvious that the now much larger group has settled in and made things more safe and comfortable. Hershel can be seen gardening while Carol teaches the kids all about knives.

Just because the prison group has gotten comfortable that doesn’t mean everything is going to be bright and shiny this season. But actually, just the opposite.

When season 4 picks up, the safety of the prison is begging to fall apart. As seen in the promo the reinforcements on the walls and fencing are starting to give way to the hordes of walkers coming into the area.

They also tease that there is a threat from inside of the prison and it’s not really walkers or other people. So is it something in between?

Rick is also going to be dealing with internal struggles this season. He saw something in Carl in season 3 that he didn’t like. In season 4 he’ll be pulled in two directions. That of a law enforcer and a father. He certainly doesn’t want to be a leader anymore but feels like he has no choice.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman teases that every character will be pushed to their breaking point in season 4. Of course there will be lots of deaths and characters will struggle not to become violent.

What do you think will happen to the prison in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4?

Photo credit: AMC

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