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‘The Walking Dead’ quiz: Which post-apocalyptic group should you join?

Sorry, you're not all cool enough to join the Kingdom.

The Walking Dead has had many communities other than Rick’s group and the Saviors, so which one is the best fit for you?

As we all know by now, The Walking Dead is about more than just reanimated dead people. The walker hordes are frequently a subplot problem to a main storyline that revolves around the conflicts between the living. After eight seasons and over 100 episodes, there have been plenty of human vs human conflicts for Rick and his group. Some of these clashes only lasted one episode, while others have transcended seasons.

These living human antagonists are what keep The Walking Dead going. Sometimes the antagonist is within Rick’s own alliance, like with Shane. More often than not though, a new season of The Walking Dead brings a new community Rick’s group must defeat. Even if each of these groups take out one or two of our crew, eventually they all fall. Terminus, Woodbury, and the Claimers have all tried and failed to go against Rick’s group, each having been decimated.

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There are also communities who have taken the smarter route when confronted by our main group, choosing to align with them instead of fight against them. Groups like Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom have chosen the peaceful solution, (although, the people of the Kingdom have almost all entirely been killed in the fight against the Saviors, but at least they died for a good cause, right?).

Every group in The Walking Dead, whether morally good, morally bad, or morally grey, has their own strategies for survival, and their own ethics for living. If you were in The Walking Dead, who do you think you’d fall in with? Would you hide out and keep to yourself like Oceanside, intimidate and attack everyone around you like the Saviors, or live nomadically like Rick’s group commonly does? Take our quiz and find out!

If you were in ‘The Walking Dead,’ which group would you be in?

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