Norman Reedus, one of the stars of The Walking Dead, has spoke out about a potential love story with Carol in the remainder of season 3.

The Walking Dead‘s fan favourite, Norman Reedus, has fueled speculation that Daryl Dixon will be romantically involved with Carol Peletier in an interview with MSN.

Reedus is quoted as saying, “I want her to make the first move, and I kind of just whimper.” There has definitely been some sexual tension between Daryl and Carol since the early stages of The Walking Dead‘s television series debuted, but nothing has ever really come to light, beginning the question whether this would ever happen. But, it appears as though Reedus knows exactly what will happen between Daryl and Carol in the future, but will it begin imminently after The Walking Dead‘s mid-season break?

We’re not so sure. The Walking Dead fans were left hungry as to whether Daryl will even make it out alive, after being captured by The Governor’s group, and the last we saw of Daryl was that he was pitted against his brother Merle in a fight to survive at The Governor’s orders.

Yesterday, we revealed that Daryl does indeed make it of The Governor’s grasp, with Merle, and is looking set to destroy the walls of Woodbury with Rick and the gang.

But what does this all mean regarding Daryl in the rest of the third season? Reedus went on to explain in an interview with Esquire, “Daryl from the beginning was looking for Sophia, and Rick would say, ‘Let’s wait, let’s make a plan, let’s all go together,’ and he’d say, ‘No, I’m better off on my own.’ The reason he’s staying is having these people rely on him for safety has given him a new sense of self-worth. That’s the glue that’ll keep him in there.”

It’s a fascinating quote from Reedus, which really does open up the opportunity for The Walking Dead fans to understand that Daryl is more than just a secondary character, and is slowly but surely becoming the cooperative deputy that Rick never had, the role that Shane could not fulfil.

But, critically, Reedus also commented further on Daryl’s relationship with Merle, and has highly teased an idea that looks set to be running throughout the rest of the current season. Reedus said, “If you look really carefully, when the Governor is manhandling him, and he yanks his hood off him, and he sees Merle for the first time, he backs into the Governor’s chest. That’s a bigger thing than the situation he’s in. Once Merle is back, he’s going to make a bunch of decisions. Merle’s kind of like your drunk uncle at a Christmas party. You can’t really take him anywhere.”

Which side will Daryl really be a part of now? He grew up with his brother, Merle, but having been taken in by Rick for so long, where does Daryl stand now? If Merle starts to make his own decisions, what does that mean for both Daryl and Rick?

Maybe, Daryl doesn’t even get the opportunity to? The Walking Dead is ruthless when it comes to killing off characters, and we’re sure Reedus is well aware of this. Reedus said, “Every time we get a script, we thumb through to the back to see if we made it. I’m not even exaggerating, I wish I was joking. You just don’t know. You have sort of an idea, and the producers and writers are gracious enough to give you a little heads-up if you want the opportunity to tell everybody goodbye before they read it on the page. But it stinks when somebody dies on this show.”

Norman Reedus, who plays the merciless Daryl Dixon, will return to our screens this coming Sunday at 9pm ET/PT over on AMC.

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