2:45 pm EST, March 18, 2015

‘The Walking Dead’ speculation: Is Enid the new Sophia?

By Andrew Sims | Edited by Donya Abramo

The young girl Carl meets in Alexandria during The Walking Dead season 5 has been up to some strange things in recent episodes.

We first met Enid during The Walking Dead season 5, episode 12 when Carl encounters Alexandria’s small group of similarly aged children. Since then he’s had his eye on Enid, who, like Carl, has been less-than-thrilled with assimilating to the Alexandria lifestyle.

Enid continued to intrigue Carl when he caught her hopping over one of Alexandria’s walls for an unknown reason. After she returned, Carl asked why she doesn’t like him – and she didn’t provide a response.

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Carl and Enid will find themselves getting close – physically – when they’re forced into a tree to hide from zombies. Take a look at this sneak peek:

So what secret is Enid hiding? One could assume it has to do with the loss of her family members. That aside, it seems like a relationship could eventually form between Carl and Enid as they bond over their troubles dealing with the zombie apocalypse. Certainly Rick’s son is very intrigued by the girl, if only because he’s a young boy with hormones.

We hope that Carl and Enid receive more screen time than the clip above in this Sunday’s new episode. If so, Carl will hopefully get Enid to open up about her past.

If they end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, Enid will be slipping into a role that Sophia fulfilled in the Walking Dead comic series. While Carol’s daughter died in one of the most emotionally charged scenes of the television series, the comics tell a different story: Sophia makes it to Alexandria, is the adoptive daughter of Maggie and Glenn (because Carol dies), and enters a relationship with Carl.

How could Sophia’s story translate to the television series outside of Carl? Enid doesn’t appear to have any family in Alexandria, so perhaps Maggie and Glenn will notice her sad situation and offer to help. Remember last week when Maggie overheard Father Gabriel speaking to Deanna? Maybe she and Glenn will be eager to make a bold move to prove that they’re good people.

Then again, Deanna is growing increasingly weary of Rick’s group (no thanks to Father Gabriel in episode 14), so we imagine there would be some resistance from Alexandria’s leaders if Maggie and Glenn asked to adopt Enid. On the other hand, Enid seems like someone who doesn’t love the Alexandria way of living, so she could decide on her own to head off with Rick and company if/when they end up leaving.

How do you see Enid’s story moving forward?

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