Emily Kinney, star of The Walking Dead, reveals how Beth Greene felt killing her first zombie, finding a new found bond with Judith and heading to a recording studio with Lauren Cohan.

Emily Kinney may play one of the quietest characters on The Walking Dead, but in an interview with AMCThe Walking Dead star speaks in depth about killing her first zombie, finding a new lead with becoming a motherly figure to Judith and how nervous she was when attending a recording studio with co-star Lauren Cohan.

It’s taken many episodes to get anywhere near to knowing Beth Greene, but the third season has been the most prominent for the character. In the third season’s premiere, Emily Kinney had to sing “Parting Glass” with co-star Lauren Cohan whilst sitting amongst a campfire with the rest of the cast. This was one of the first true insights of Beth Greene thus far in The Walking Dead, and since, she has slowly begun to blossom.

Kinney reveals upon entering the recording studio, “That was definitely a new experience. I’ve really only recorded a few times before, and last time was with a friend in his small studio. It was cool to focus more on the vocals and not the whole track. The crew has been so supportive. You finish a song and they’ll cheer. Someone was asking me if I was nervous singing, but it’s not any more than any other scene.”

Evan Reilly, the Co-Executive Producer and Writer of The Walking Dead, already knew of her singing abilities whilst hiring Kinney, and came to one of her shows in New York City. Kinney reveals, “People knew that I was a songwriter, and they knew that I could sing, but I think that Glen [Mazzara] had the idea.” Nicely done, Mazzara, it was a touching moment in the season 3 premiere with the inclusion of “Parting Glass.”

But this isn’t the only new character development we’ve seen from Beth Greene. She’s finally killed her first zombie, and Kinney sure did enjoy it. “It was in the first episode and I can’t tell you how happy I was. I got him through the fence with a crowbar. It was really satisfying.”

No one really saw that coming from the younger sister of Maggie, after seeing her on the brink of suicide in the second season. Beth really has come along quickly and seemingly taking a bit of anger out on those zombies.

But also, that mental state of Beth’s has been calmed by the birth of Judith, Rick’s daughter. Beth has taken on a motherly figure after the death of Lori, and has unveiled strengths she never knew she had. Kinney has bonded off-screen with the child actors too. “I loved the first two babies, but they’re supposed to be newborns and babies get big really quickly. So they had to hire a new set of twins. But a baby crying on set adds this real feeling to it. I think I’m the best [at holding them].”

What are your thoughts on Emily Kinney’s portrayal of Beth Greene? Is Beth slowly blossoming into the character that she has hidden somewhere inside of her? Or is it time for Beth to be killed off?

Be sure to check out Emily Kinney in The Walking Dead latest episode, “Home” on AMC tonight at 9pm ET/PT.

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