recently compiled a list of 15 facts about The Walking Dead not widely known, and popped it into this cute infographic. Take a look!

With The Walking Dead racking up some record ratings this Sunday for the midseason premiere, we got to wondering… How much do we really know about the show?

In the picture below, the TVDuck staff have put their heads together and dug up some pretty cool facts about the series which have had us shaking our heads in a mixture of disbelief and amazement.

The Walking Dead 15 Things You Didn't Know

Walkers, roamers, biters, floaters…

Well we knew that our survivors have always referred to them as walkers, and the Woodbury lot call them biters, but why not zombies? Perhaps our survivors fell the term trivialises the situation they’re in, or maybe the phrase doesn’t even exist in The Walking Dead world?

Zombie school


In this cool little snippet, we see “zombie school” in action. It’s here actors and actresses learn to be a The Walking Dead zombie. They learn how to move, what speed to move at, what noises they can make… The walkers in the series are a classical slow zombie type, rather than the 28 days infected type. For all intents and purposes they are just reanimated corpses and so will have gone through rigamortis to some extent. Creepy.

The smiling skull

In season 1, episode one, Rick is left with the blood spatter image of a smiling skull following his first kill. We checked this out for ourselves and re-watched “Days Gone By” and yep, it’s there alright. Why do you think they chose to do this?

The crossbow

Daryl Dixon is known in The Walking Dead for his signature crossbow; and it seems Norman Reedus has become equally attached. For $300 though, you can kind of understand why!

Walkers and humans don’t eat together

Well in the show it’s obvious; for walkers, humans are dinner. But it’s interesting to note that when off set the same rule applies (not that humans are dinner, but that they don’t mix!)

Zombies can’t breathe

In keeping with the notion that zombies are the undead, it makes sense that they don’t actually breathe, or need to breathe, to keep going. So when it was super cold filming for 2×13, “Beside the Dying Fire” the walkers had to have their water vapour breath digitally removed from the scene. It’s awesome what’s done to make The Walking Dead as true to form as it can be!

5000 to 1

We don’t think those odds look too great to be honest. In The Walking Dead walkers outnumber survivors 5000 to 1. And then you think about a planet of seven billion people… That’s a lot of undead wandering around hungry for some fresh flesh.

The most successful episode so far…?

Since the infographic was created, the midseason premiere for season 3, “The Suicide King” topped the previous record with 12.3 million watching; then taking the encore showings this number is more like 16.6 million. Phew…

Top zombie killers

Whilst this figure has changed since 3×09, the scores on the doors are much of a muchness. Rick is currently ranked first, with Daryl and Andrea not too far behind. Do you think this will change? Or will Rick reign supreme as zombie killing master?

Ed Jenner

The Walking Dead paid tribute to Edward Jenner, creator of the smallpox vaccine, by calling the lone scientist at the CDC (Control of Disease Center) Edwin Jenner. Edwin revealed to Rick that everyone is infected with the walker virus (presumed virus by the term “infected” although at no point does the series attempt to thoroughly explain the cause of the reanimation of the dead).

Oct. 31, 2010

This is a date no fan of The Walking Dead should ever forget. Halloween 2010 was when The Walking Dead staggered onto our screens and into our hearts. It seems so long ago now…

The bicycle walker

AMC created a series of webisodes about the unfortunate events surrounding on particular walker from season 1, episode one. You can still watch these online, too, if you’re a U.S. viewer!


The Walking Dead caused quite the stir when Michael Rooker (a.k.a. Merle Dixon) was mistaken for a sniper and a SWAT team was called in to save the day. No one was arrested, but as you can imagine it was pretty tense!

Fish tanks and heads

There were 24 heads the Governor kept in fish tanks, and each one was yellowed using coffee, tea and dye. Grim.

Human vs. walker deaths

Up until the midseason premiere, of the 17 onscreen human deaths, 14 fatalities were caused by another human, and only three were down to walkers. I guess in the world of The Walking Dead perhaps it’s not a case of the enemies you do know, but the enemies you don’t.


What do you think of these facts? Anything particularly surprising?

Tune in to “Home,” 3×10 of The Walking Dead, this Sunday Feb. 17 on AMC.

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