In the newest of a series of cast videos from The CW, Kat Graham gives us the lowdown of what we can expect for Bonnie in Season 4:

In the video, Kat Graham talks briefly about how we have seen different edges to Bonnie throughout the series, and the newest edge will bring with it the highest stakes yet. By saving Klaus, and therefore all her friends, Bonnie took a step out on her own, deciding that she was no longer going to be pushed around by what the spirits may or may not want her to do.

The latter half of season 3 showed a new side of Bonnie, as she seemed to embrace the possibilities that dark magic can bring. It was clear from the moment she desicated Klaus and felt the power of the darker side that this could bring a whole new set of problems and possibilities for Bonnie, and it sounds like this is exactly what we will be seeing this season.

Another intriguing thought is what kind of effect could this have on her new relationships. With all the new characters that are coming to Mystic Falls, is there a possibility for romance on the horizon for Bonnie? We certainly hope so, especially since it has been quite a while since Bonnie has had a real love interest.

What kind of an impact will this new, darker side of Bonnie have on the other residents of Mystic Falls? Will this have an adverse effect on her relationships with Elena, Jeremy, Caroline, or Matt? Also, how do you think she will react to Elena’s transition? Let us know what you think about the possibilities of evil Bonnie in the comments below!

Also, make sure to check out similar videos from Steve McQueen talking all about Jeremy, and Tori DeVitto talking all about Meredith.

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