The Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley talks Stefan and Elena’s future and whether he’d say yes to a role in in Fifty Shades of Grey in a new video interview. Ian Somerhalder may have some competition.

Speaking to Sugarscape, the actor admits that while he’s not read Fifty Shades himself, he’d be all for joining the production. Upon hearing that it’s all about sex, he jokes, “Sounds great, I’m in. Can I start petitioning myself? To do a sex film?”

Turning to The Vampire Diaries, he also has some pretty harsh words about the Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle:

Actually, I don’t want anyone to end up with Elena – it would be far more interesting and profound if she basically said goodbye to the two brothers, and vanished in to thin air. And then maybe got a nice boyfriend, like Matt Donovan, the human… the only human on the cast.

So what do you think, shall we get that “Paul Wesley for Christian Grey” petition started?

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